Google turns to EU to get Apple to adopt RCS standard

Instant messaging applications have become fundamental both for leisure and for the world of work. Apparently last year Google has started a real campaign to put pressure on Apple. The goal is to push the Cupertino giant to support the platform RCS.

This solution currently available in the Android world allows many features exactly like iMessage. That is, therefore, the possibility of sending high-quality photos as well as videos, longer messages, obtaining a reading confirmation and also end-to-end encryption.

Clearly all users who do not enjoy this support will not have these features available. Therefore, those who have an Apple account and use iMessage can only exchange normal SMS with Android users.

Google’s goal is therefore to try once again to convince Apple to adopt the much talked about RCS standard.

Google calls on the European Union to make Apple “open” to the RCS standard

The current situation currently leads to iPhone users receiving low-quality photos and videos from Android users. This could all change if Apple agrees to support the RCS standard.

Clearly this is just one of the features that would be unlocked and greater integration between the two operating systems would also result.

However, Apple believes that iMessage is its great strength; the famous messaging application in fact pushes many people to buy an iPhone every year, an exclusivity that would be lost if the company accepted RCS support.

Precisely in this regard, the only way to push the American company to accept is through imposition. In fact, Google would have chosen to turn toEuropean Union. In order for the body to force Apple, it would be necessary for the Cupertino giant to have at least 45 million users monthly in Europe. Since none of this exists for now, at least for the moment nothing will change.


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