Google updates Play Store policies: AI apps must be safer

In the California offices of Google they know generative artificial intelligence well, so also potentially negative aspects of the same. Given that AI is now also used in multiple apps, the tech giant has thought well of it update the usage rules of your Play Store. The changes will take effect on January 31st next year and all developers will have to respect them.

Artificial intelligence in Android apps: Google updates Play Store policies

Developers can integrate AI models into applications downloadable from the Play Store on Android smartphones and tablets. In this regard, developers are asked to ensure that content generated with AI is safe, therefore not related to material of a sexual nature, bullying, harassment, harmful and fraudulent behavior and so on. Artificial intelligence is also often used to generate non-consensual and deceptive deepfakes, fake voice recordings or videos for the purpose of fraud, political content that is however false and deceptive, and to create malicious code, therefore malware. So the danger is there, it’s real.

Applications that exploit AI, then, must necessarily be equipped with a specific section or a simple button to allow users to report the presence of harmful content belonging to the above categories. In this way, thanks to the reports, developers will be able to intervene promptly to resolve the problems and prevent their app from being removed from the Google Play Store.

Example AI app with reporting tool - Google

Another important change announced by Big G and aimed at improving the user experience does not concern AI but full screen notifications. On Android 14 and later versions, these will in fact be allowed by default only to a limited number of application types (such as those for receiving/making audio and video calls). All those excluded from the list will instead have to ask for a explicit consent to the user.

More details on the latest Play Store updates can be found here.


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