Google Vids arrives, the AI ​​tool that wants to revolutionize presentations

Google Vids is a new tool that uses thegenerative artificial intelligence. And which promises to bring classic presentations to a quality level never seen before.

With Google Vids even less experienced users have the opportunity to create engaging presentationsintegrating them with audio and video components generated independently by the tool.

It just is starting from the documentation you have availablethen choosing from the different options available based on your very personal needs: for example following your own tasteor adapting the presentation style to type of audience to whom it is addressed.

To date the real potential of Google Vids are probably yet to be discovered. But it is reasonable to think that it will significantly strengthen the already interesting package Gemini for Google Workspace.

What is Google Vids and how to use it

Google recently unveiled its new Vids tool through a few impactful words: “Meet your new storyteller”. Which can be translated as: “Meet your new narrator”.

And in fact this artificial intelligence tool was created to intervene precisely on narrative component of presentations. Going from simply creating slides or infographics to much more engaging content.

The first objective declared in this sense is the replacing static content with video. Which however will be created independently by Google vids, starting from working documentssuch as a PowerPoint.

Users who use Google Vids must first select a styleor a template, based on your preferences: starting from the layouts in the name of bright coloursto those who instead prefer thetypographic element.

After that you can insert a accompanying textwhich will then be entrusted to one of several available items: both based on the language and based on the preferred tone.

At this point we move on to selection of images or videos to use as a background. Which can be selected starting from the insertion of keyword in line with the meaning they objectives of the presentation.

An extra weapon for Google Gemini

Google Vids it is only one of the components of Gemini for Google Workspace: Google’s generative intelligence applied to the world of digital work.

According to the Mountain View giant, Gemini was born for help the user in every situation that you might encounter using a PC or mobile device.

Starting fromimage analysis to the creation of unpublished written content. Passing through it study of documentsthe writing of code or the organization of one’s own productivity.

In its basic version, Google Gemini it is a chatbot with which the user can interact by entering the now well-known prompt AI: written requests, which aim to obtain a more or less specific result.

With Vids, Google’s idea is make the interaction even easier It is funny. However, without allowing this simplified dynamic to compromise in the slightest quality of the final result.

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