Google Wallet, sharing of boarding passes and events arrives

Every day great news arrives regarding the will to Google to update some of its main applications. After seeing the updates that have affected various platforms over the last few days, the latest rumors concern the Wallet.

Exactly three months ago the company said that users would have many more opportunities, including sharing valuable documents in their digital wallet. Then taking a look at the application’s support page we discovered that this reference concerned the subscriptions. It seems that in the last few hours the functionality has begun to be distributed within the app.

More specifically, Google Wallet is starting to allow users to share theirs boarding passes through connections. As the previews point out, this functionality will also be available for passes dedicated to events.

Google Wallets, boarding passes and event passes will be shareable

The new feature will soon be available to everyone but if you already want to check it out, you need to focus on the share icon on the left of the menu. By tapping the new icon, a notification will arrive that will speak clearly:

You cannot unshare this pass. Once this pass is shared, the recipient can forward it to anyone“.

If you want to deactivate this warning, simply press on “Don’t show anymore“. Continuing with the procedure, a new sharing tab will appear with the system which will generate a link to share. The recipient will therefore receive a link which, once pressed, will directly open the Wallet app where you can save the pass.

Downloading boarding passes for friends will no longer be a problem as you can send them to them directly via Wallet. As the most accredited sources know, this function will only allow the sharing of some passes. There will be others that in fact cannot be shared. During the next two weeks the feature should be rolled out to everyone.


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