Google Workspace is enriched with new security features

Google Workspace is enriched with new security features

It is not at all surprising that security, confidentiality and compliance are a top priority for companies operating in the commercial and public sector. In fact, in 2022 cyber attacks are increased by 38%with data breaches costing businesses over 4 million dollars. It is therefore necessary to adopt new measures to be able to deal with the pirates of the web, and Big G knows it well, which he announced new Google Workspace features.

Google Workspace: all the news to protect yourself from cyber attacks

From the press release released in these hours we learn that Google is integrating new Zero Trust controls, on digital sovereignty and for defense against threats that companies will be able to leverage to their advantage to keep their data safe.

Zero Trust controls

The new features designed for enterprise IT and security teams are as follows.

Administrators can harness the power and versatility of Google’s artificial intelligence to classify and label data stored on Google Drive. Data protection controls, such as DLP (data loss prevention) e CAA (context-aware access) are already available in preview now.

Google Drive - AI Auto Labels - Google Workspace

Per prevent improper sharing of sensitive content in DriveWorkspace administrators can set specific criteria (the location of the device, for example) that must be met.

Finally, for greater security in controlling the sharing of sensitive information, DLP controls will soon be available on Gmail as well.

Checks on Digital Sovereignty

Google Workspace can deliver a breakthrough in “tenditable digital sovereignty” through secure-by-default infrastructure, technical data access controls, and industry certifications.

As for the CSE encryption (client side), the Mountain View giant presented several improvements, such as support for the Calendar, Gmail and Meet mobile apps and the ability for users to view, edit or convert Microsoft Excel files.

There are also news for the data residency and compliance. In fact, Google explains that companies can already choose the site for archiving data at rest as of today and that, starting in the coming months (a precise date has not yet been provided), they will also be able to choose where the covered data is processed. Finally, you have the option to choose a country in which to store a copy of your Google Workspace data.

To defend against threats

Google has extended its AI-based defensive measures to provide automatic protection for new Gmail sensitive actionsincluding email filtering and forwarding.

Finally, it is imposedrequirement for two-factor authentication for all Google customer and reseller manager accounts. In this way it will be possible to effectively reduce the violations of the administrator accounts caused mainly by the absence of 2FA.

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