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Lost dog GPS

Every dog ​​owner knows when the loss of their faithful friend can deeply affect the soul: never see him come back again, after losing sight of it for just a second, can make us very sad and depressed. To avoid this scenario we can rely on a GPS locator, able to work with a convenient app downloadable on your phone; in this way it will be possible to find the dog every time we lose sight of him.

In the following guide we will show you the best GPS trackers to use on dogs or other animals, and how to convert a Apple AirTag in a convenient tracker to camouflage on the dog’s collar.

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1) Use specific GPS trackers for dogs

Kippy GPS

We find them on the market online many GPS trackers specifically for dogs, to be connected to any collar; with them we will be able to show the dog’s position in real time on the GPS app, discover the route it has taken in the meantime and also recover the last position of the animal.

The cheapest GPS dog tracker is PAJ GPS PET Finder 4Gweighing just 32 grams and equipped with 4G network support, advanced A-GPS system, alarm and geofence function, waterproof body, large battery (4 continuous days of battery life), app for Android e iPhone and SIM card included (with dedicated subscription).

Another valid GPS tracker that we can use for our dog is Kippy GPS, one of the best around. This tracker is small and easy to camouflage on the collar, provides the real-time position of the animal, can track all the routes taken, calculate the animal’s well-being and activate an innovative notification system when the animal leaves the virtual fence (for example he leaves home). Also in this case we can use the integrated SIM by choosing a subscription from those available (so as to unlock all the tracking functions) and use the dedicated app to Android and for iPhone.

Among the GPS trackers for dogs that can be configured with great simplicity we also find Tractive – GPS per cania tracker that is very light (35 grams), with a resistant and 100% waterproof body, 3-10 days of battery life (depending on settings), SIM card included (with separate subscription) and a system of anti-escape notifications (to be configured with the virtual fence via the app for Android and for iPhone).

2) Use Apple AirTag to find dogs


Him too Apple AirTag they can be used effectively to find dogs, especially if we use the iPhone recovery system immediately after realizing the loss.

To start we buy them online AirTag to be used for the purpose, so let’s get one of the following specific collars for the AirTag:

  • SUPMEGA AirTag Dog Collar Holder
  • LAPONO 1 Piece AirTag Dog Collar
  • Airtag Dog Collar
  • Airtags Leather Keychain of 4 Pieces
  • Pawinner 3 Pieces Protective Silicone Case for Airtag

After pairing the AirTag with our iPhone, simply insert it into the collar or case and place it on the dog, so as to be able to monitor its position and find it immediately in case of loss.

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3) Use generic GPS trackers

Micro GPS

In addition to specific trackers for dogs and AirTags, we can also use generic GPS trackers, choosing the smaller models and inserting any type of SIM card dedicated to tracking and anti-theft.

I best mini GPS trackers that we can use for the purpose are the following:

  • Zeerkeer Micro Gps Tracker Spia
  • ildetective Micro Gps Tracker spia
  • Tile Mate Bluetooth Find objects
  • Nutale 4PCS Locator Finds Objects

These trackers can be placed on the dog using a collar with pocket; after creating the GPS collar, simply put it on the dog, configure the specific app for the phone and start tracking the animal’s position at any time of the day.


We can prevent the dog from suddenly getting lost using one of the solutions proposed in this guide, where we saw specific GPS trackers for dogs at work (where it is also necessary to take into account the cost of the subscription), Apple AirTags (expensive, but simple and effective over short distances) and generic GPS trackers (simple and cheap, but we have to add the data-only SIM ourselves).

To learn more we can read our guides on how to turn a smartphone into a car GPS tracker come on how to use a portable anti-theft device for bikes, cars and motorbikes.

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