Grammar and writing checker in Italian, free and automatic: Microsoft Editor

MIcrosoft Editor (Microsoft Editor) for Chrome and Edge to have a free and automatic grammar and spelling checker when writing on websites

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Not only for those who work writing articles and blog posts, but also for people who actively participate by writing comments on websites, Facebook posts or chat messages, it is now possible to install a free tool that highlights errors. It is one professional writing support tool based on artificial intelligence, which during writing highlights both spelling mistakes, and also grammar mistakes. The Microsoft Editor (Microsoft Editor) works in all languages, Italian included, and can be installed as an extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers, in order to automatically correct everything you write on websites. Microsoft Editor is basically a tool similar to Grammarly (which is perhaps better but limited in its free version and without support for the Italian language).The Microsoft Editor text corrector works on:
Word on the Web and Microsoft Office (in Word use the Review menu to find the spelling checker). and Microsoft Outlook Client program for email
Any website via a browser extension.

To have the spelling and grammar checker on the writing fields on the websites you can download and install Microsoft Editor (Microsoft Editor) as an extension on Chrome and Microsoft Edge. After installing it, press the extension button and log in to your Microsoft or Office365 account. After logging in, you can open the extension options by pressing on it with the right mouse button. You can then change the language you want to correct (Italian is set automatically if you use the PC in Italian) and then you can activate or deactivate the correction tool, for spelling or grammar.
To make the extension work, you need to restart your browser (also it does not seem to work on all websites at the moment, so better try it out).
In Google Chrome, when you write, for example, a post on Facebook and make a spelling or grammar error, the word is underlined in blue and you can click on it with the left mouse button to receive the correction suggestions. Be careful that the spelling checker of Google Chrome underlines writing errors in red, but it does not work for grammar errors.

Only if you use the Microsoft 365 subscription, you get access to advanced grammar tools and style refinements work (which are disabled in the free version instead) so you can receive advice on synonyms, to improve the written text , clarity and formal language.

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