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Graphene cooling, Apple’s new idea for iPhone 16

There is still some time left before the official release of the new ones iPhone 16 and, despite Apple has never yet officially spoken about these devices, the rumors in this regard are multiplying visibly.

Among the most recent also those on an innovative graphene cooling system which the Cupertino giant is working on.

There is little data in this regard but, from the first information, it is said that this solution should guarantee the next iPhones great efficiency in terms of heat dissipation, with very interesting results indeed. Let’s find out more about it.

iPhone 16, because the new cooling system

The recent ones overheating problems found in Phone 15 Pro el’iPhone 15 Pro Max have opened the way to many “conspiracy theories” about alleged errors on Apple’s part in the design of the cooling system of its flagships.

According to the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, in fact, to lighten its devices, Apple would have reduced the heat dissipation system, causing the above problems.

Naturally, the company immediately denied this possibility, blaming the high temperatures on problems with third-party applicationswith the promise of fixing everything with a few software updates.

But if the rumor of the new graphene technology were confirmed, it is clear that future iPhone 16s would have nothing to worry about.

Moreover, it is also said that the company also wants to introduce a metal shell for the drumsperhaps to isolate it from the other components and reduce the heat produced or at least incorporate it inside this capsule.

In short, the overheating problems of current iPhones probably do not depend on design errors but, undoubtedly, it is curious to see the Cupertino company making so much commitment to the future.

iPhone 16, what else do we know about the new device

As already mentioned at the beginning, there is obviously no official information yet iPhone 16 but, from the many rumors we can make some hypotheses about it.

We know, for example, that the future iPhone will use a chip A18almost certainly exclusive to the Pro and Pro Max models, while as has already happened for the current versions, the basic model and the Plus will have to make do with the current A17.

From what is said on the web, the new processor should also lead to greater integration between iPhone 16 and Apple Vision Pro which will be released next year.

In addition to this we know that future smartphones will have a larger display with the basic model which will remain at 6.1 inches, il Pro should arrive at 6.3 inchesil Plus and the Pro Max which, instead, should rise to 6.9 inches.

With these more generous dimensions the Dynamic Island taking up more space and, perhaps, obtaining more functionality.

According to rumors, it is also said that the next iPhones will also have a better photographic sector with a telephoto lens with tetraprism lenses very similar to that of iPhone 15 Pro Maxbut perhaps more efficient.

Finally, on the web there is also talk of one larger battery, resulting in an increase in the autonomy of the devices, which has always been Apple’s weak point.


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