Grok Artificial Intelligence becomes open source

Grok Artificial Intelligence becomes open source

Il chatbot IA the xAIknown as Grokhas become open source, with an open version available through GitHub.

As announced by Elon Musk just a few days ago, the company made this important move to allow researchers and developers to work freely on this platform, without giving up future updates. With this move xAI wants to enter into direct competition with OpenAI and other tech giants (such as Meta e Google).

In a post on the company’s blog, it was explained how Grok is based on a modello Mixture-of-Experts and 314 billion parametersthen explaining how LLM it was only created in the last month but it is already ready for activities such as creating code, creative writing and simply answering questions posed by users.

In Elon Musk’s intentions, Grok fills a void created by companies operating in the sector and which, like OpenAI, after an open source approach have instead turned towards other more profitable strategies.

Grok becomes open source and challenges ChatGPT

Although there are some open source AI models (such as Mistral o Falcon), much of the industry is currently based on closed or limited-freedom models.

A clear example in this sense is LLama 2 of Meta. This model provides free research, but only for customers who make limited use of AI and, importantly, does not allow developers to interact with the model in depth.

Despite the excellent prospects, Grok still appears to be a rather immature chatbot. Not only that, in the first months of existence, this service was also accused of “plagiarizing” the competition.

If this chatbot seems to have tiptoed into the sector, today things are changing. In the coming months, therefore, we will probably be able to witness a very interesting challenge between Musk’s “creature” and ChatGPT.

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