Grok debuts on X: Elon Musk launches new chatbot on the social network

Google attacks, xAI responds. While on the one hand the Big G presented the Gemini AI model, Elon Musk’s startup has officially launched a competitor to ChatGPT on X. On the social network formerly known as Twitter Grok arrives, a new chatbot available from now on in the United States and also arriving in the rest of the world. What is it capable of doing and what is it based on?

Elon Musk debuts Grok su X

Like other chatbots, Grok answers questions in a conversational manner and draws on a rather broad knowledge base, supported by the generative model called Grok-1. Trained on web data through Q3 2023also incorporates real-time data from X thus managing to respond with updated information to user questions.

Access to X data seems to be a real strong point of the chatbot, but it is not the only peculiarity. Unlike Bard or ChatGPT, Grok will also be happy to respond with a streak of malice, possibly even in a rude manner. This, in the eyes of those who have already tried it, makes the AI ​​appear “much more intelligent” than rival alternatives as it seems to have its own personality. Curiously, Grok calls posts about X “tweets.”

The chatbot on X is available at launch exclusively to X Premium Plus subscribers overseas, and it is a text-only chatbot, unable to understand the content of images or videos. However, xAI has already said it plans to improve the model to take it multimodal over the next few months.


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