Groups on WhatsApp, how to create, manage and delete them

Among the most popular functions of WhatsApp, the Meta messaging app, is the one that allows the creation of groupsa space where multiple people can converse, organize projects and discuss topics about an interest they have in common.

Every day thousands and thousands of groups arise all over the world, some small and some very large. Regardless of the number of members, that is of maximum 1024creating and managing a group is extremely simple. Let’s find out everything that is possible.

How to create a WhatsApp group and invite people to join the conversations

create whatsapp group

A WhatsApp group can be created from the official application of the service for Android and iOS devices and from desktopfrom the app or with a web connection, by accessing your account via browser.

If you are accessing the app via an Android device, click on the (+) button present at the bottom of the screen. Press on New group and select all the contacts you want to add. You can also enter contacts who do not use WhatsApp. The latter receive an SMS with an invitation link.

At this point, you can indicate the name of the group, which must be a maximum of 100 characters and which can contain emojis. By selecting the icon Camera you can add a profile image of the group from the gallery, taking it or searching for it on the web.

Indicate group settings by clicking Group permissions. Press on green button to create the group.

It’s always possible add more members to the groupuntil you reach the established limit, sharing with them an invitation link or QR code.

If you use an iOS devicefare click the (+) button come on New group. Select the participants and press on Avanti. Choose the group name and profile picture, indicate the settings and finish by tapping Crea.

From desktop click on three horizontal dots (or the down arrow) and select New group. Add contacts, indicate the name of the group, choose the profile image and finish by clicking on the green tick.

How to manage and delete a WhatsApp group

Administrators or authorized members can manage the group, changing settings, removing members who do not participate or who cause annoyance or delete the group when this has exhausted its function.

Da Android e da iOSto manage the group, start the chat and click on the name. Click on the options present based on your intention. You can choose to enable ephemeral messages, provide permissions for changing settings, for sending messages, adding other members and approving them. To remove a person, click on their name and click Removethen confirm your intention.

Once all members have been removed, you can delete the group by clicking Delete group.

Yes web, to access the settings, start the group chat, click on the name and select one of the items in the menu. To remove a group, click the arrow next to the member’s name and press Remove.

After removing all members you can proceed with the deletion by clicking Delete Group e Remove.

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