Guide to renew and pay Whatsapp

pay whatsapp UPDATE: Whatsapp is now free for everyone.

Today in Italy there is no person who does not use Whatsapp on the smartphone.
The consequence of this is that Whatsapp is, in fact, taking the place of SMS so as to become a communication tool even for those who had practically never used a computer in their own life.
Download and install Whatsapp on a iPhone or a cell phone Android or Windows Phone it is simple and does not require many explanations (except be careful to write the name well), the only thing that can create some discomfort and difficulty is thel payment of Whatsapp and renewal of the subscription.
Whatsapp can be downloaded for free from the Store for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and other versions, but can only be used for 12 months free, then, after a year, it requires to be paid.
Who had bought Whatsapp from the iTunes Store for iPhone paying 0.89 Euro, can instead use Whatsapp for free forever on the same SIM.
In this guide let's see how to renew Whatsapp, not only for themselves, but also for other people, relatives or friends, who have no possibility to make payments online.

By opening Whatsapp, you can go to Settings -> Account -> Payment Info. for check the expiry date of the service.
You can renew your Whatsapp subscription before it expires or by waiting for the payment notification to arrive.
The price of Whatsapp is very low (so it is absurd to try to use it for free) and it costs 0.89 euros for a year.
You can also pay a lower price by renewing your subscription for 3 years at 2.40 euros or for 5 years at a price of 3.34 euros.

To pay the Whatsapp subscription for another 12 months after the deadline there are several options.
On Android you can use the account Google Wallet, which is the one registered in the Google Play Store for the purchase of apps.
As explained in the Google Play Store guide, a prepaid card can be registered in Google Wallet.
Alternatively you can register a new credit or prepaid card, use a Paypal account or even use the telephone credit.
This last option is only possible with Wind.
To find these payment options, tap the Google Wallet button as if paying, but instead of confirming the purchase, tap the down arrow next to the digit.
Alternatively, instead of paying immediately, you can ask forsend the URL (link) for payment by e-mail.
In this way you can pay the renewal of one year to Whatsapp from your computer, always using the Google or Paypal account.

If you don't have a registered credit card and you don't have and don't want to create a Paypal account, you can ask a friend to pay Whatsapp for us.
This friend must have an Android smartphone, open Whatsapp, tap our name on the list, tap the options button at the top right, tap "Show contact", touch up the options button and pay.

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