Hacker who sold access to thousands of bank accounts arrested

Hacker who sold access to thousands of bank accounts arrested

And hacker 31 year old Ukrainian man was arrested on suspicion of stealing data from thousands of bank accounts and having resold the same on Dark Web.

The cybercriminal offered free commercial software for Windows e Android which however contained malware. Through these malicious agents, the hacker managed to gain access to thousands of bank accounts among United States e Canada, achieving significant profits. According to data collected by the police, the subject worked directly from home computer.

The hacker also used the information stolen from the victims to resell account Googleboth through the aforementioned Dark Web (with trades carried out via bitcoin), or through a Russian telephone number, used for a sort of “telephone sale” of the stolen credentials.

The hacker earned more than $90,000 from his illicit activities

At present, the police have not been able to establish how much the hacker managed to collect through his work. Some estimates speak of a single figure around $92,000 but, in all likelihood, the proceeds of criminal activity could be much greater.

The police, in addition to confiscating the cybercriminal’s computer, also confiscated other luxury goods, including a SUV Mercedes-Benzof the value of approximately $65,000. The investigations revealed that the subject did not work alone but, at least at the moment, the name of his collaborators has not yet been discovered.

According to Ukrainian laws, the hacker is at risk up to eight years in prison. In fact, he is accused of money laundering, unauthorized use of computer systems and creation of malware.

Between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024 there were several arrests regarding cybercrime, with some targeted operations by theFBI who attacked infrastructures linked to the fearsome ransomware group known as BlackCat.

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