Halloween effects on Facebook on status, camera and profile picture

To celebrate Halloween, Facebook has added new special effects so you can publish photo montages or colorful writings in the perfect style of fear.
So there are different Halloween features and effects both on the website and on the Facebook application for Android and iPhone, and also on the Messenger app.
In these days of late October, therefore, it is possible, first of all, to write text messages using Halloween themed wallpapers.
To use these backgrounds, just use the functionality to write posts and colorful statuses on Facebook and choose the square with the orange Halloween background or the one with a gray background and pumpkin lanterns and the one with bats.facebook with halloween
Still, on the Facebook site, you can click the profile¬†picture, click to change it and choose one of the frames dedicated to Halloween, with flaming pumpkins and lanterns.dall ‘Facebook application you can open the camera (by tapping the top button) and then, in the Facebook camera, press the magic wand button.
They can then be selected special effects dedicated to Halloween including the skull, the pumpkin, the witch’s hat, which are added to effects already present from before, very scary, like the zombie of Walking Dead, the undead of the Throne of swords, to transform themselves into monsters, zombies and other characters.
Among the various effects, that of the skull is also a game that you can do by framing yourself with the selfie camera and moving your head to jump on the right platform to avoid falling into the void.

In Facebook Messenger you can use the special effects of Halloween in video calls, to make jokes to friends who do not know the existence of these effects.

From now we should get used to these frames, effects and Facebook games dedicated to specific parties like Halloween and we will certainly see new ones also for Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day.

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