Have Android 4.4 KitKat on every smartphone by installing the new Google apps

KitKat apps for all mobile phones Android has been updated by Google to the version 4.4 KitKat which is installed on Nexus 5 mobile phones and will be progressively released for other devices, first of all Nexus 7 and Nexus 4.
We have also seen how you can update Android 4.4 KitKat on Nexus already now.
For those who have other models of Android smartphones or tablets and do not want to wait for the biblical times of Samsung, LG, HTC or other houses to update the systems of their devices to the latest version of Android, can already install the Google applications included in Android 4.4 .

These are the original applications that can be installed for free and without the need to do special operations on the device (without root or other ROMs).
The applications listed here should work on all devices with the Android Jelly Bean operating system and must be installed by transferring the APK files from the PC to the mobile phone (via Dropbox, Pushbullet or AirDroid) and authorizing, in the settings, the installation of applications from unknown sources.

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1) Google Launcher

The new launcher Google Now originale del Nexus 5 it can be installed freely on Android 4.4 KitKat smartphones and tablets.
This is a new launcher where you just need to swipe left to do a search, which integrates Google Now and separates apps from widgets.
Since this app is only compatible with Android 4.4, for the other devices there is an identical app, not Google original, but still perfect, called KKLaunchera clone of the Android 4.4 application launcher, free and ad-free

2) Hangout 2.0

Hangout is in KitKat thedefault app for SMS messages on Android and it can also become so on any other Android smartphone from version 4 onwards.
You can use HangOut as an app to send and receive SMS on other Android phones by downloading the latest version of the updated app on Google Play.

3) Screen recording

KitKat supports native screen recording.
To do this also on other Android versions on Samsung or LG, you need to install an app to record the Android screen.

4) Dialer and keypad to call

The Android 4.4 KitKat phone app is capable of searching for phone book names in Google and allows you to quickly find the numbers of shops and businesses on the internet.
The app that integrates this type of function is Current Caller ID, free, which has already been discussed in the article on Best Contacts Phonebook and Phone (dialer) apps on android.

5) Galleria

Google has improved Android’s photo capabilities, with a new default gallery app that also includes a photo editor.
The editor has some predefined filters, preset options, the ability to manually change filters and options for cropping, rotation, mirror and focus.
There is also a menu on the right that displays the editing history to restore the original photo at any time.
You can download the Gallery app from the XDA site even if it requires root permissions.

6) App Email

If you use the email app included in Android you can install the updated version of KitKat which has a new interface design and a few more options becoming very similar to the Gmail application.
The APK to install can be found on the AndroidPolice website.

7) Print from your mobile

In Android 4.4 you can print from your mobile or tablet to your home or office printer.
The application to print Cloud Print is available for free on Google Play for all Android smartphones as explained in the article “how to print from Android to any printer”.

8) Clock, alarm and timer have changed to Android 4.4 and the Android Police website has released the APK to install.

Also included in Android KitKat are the two latest Google apps, Keep for notes and notes and Google Office.

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