Heineken beer launches an unusual phone on the market

Heineken beer launches an unusual phone on the market


Thanks to a curious agreement between the brewer HeinekenHuman Mobile Devices (HMD) e Bodega (American streetwear brand), was launched on the market on Boring Phone.

We are talking about a phone branded with the well-known brewery, a sort of retro accessory capable of attracting the attention of the most avid collectors of bizarre digital gadgets. The Boring Phone looks like a device semi-transparentwith some design features that closely resemble good old cell phones Nokia.

The motherboard verde in plain sight and the display, which offers a backlight based on the same color solution, are a nod to the beer brand that collaborated on its creation. But what can a product of this type be used for?

Boring Phone by Heineken, between publicity stunt and criticism of modern smartphones

According to the official presentation of the Boring Phone, this represents a leap back in time, presenting a product that goes against the trend, offering only the basic functions linked to more classically conceived telephones. Calls, SMS and little more: a sort of anti-smartphoneIn short.

As such, it is proposed as a device able to withstand falls much better than iPhone and other high-sounding products crowding the mobile market.

The phone was presented at the Milano Design Week, currently underway. According to the press release that accompanied its presentation, this curious accessory will not be sold, but proposed as a sort of exclusive gift for an unidentified number of lucky people.

In fact, the Boring Phone is nothing more than a publicity stunt which, at the same time, has the merit of criticizing the abuse of modern smartphones. Its essentiality (and its name itself) remind everyone how phones should be a simple accessory and not the center of our lives.

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