Here are the “human hunter” drones with AI and facial recognition

Here are the drones

For some I am a extravagant technological gadget for others a disturbing harbinger of a dystopian future but, in fact, i drones that can detect and track humans are a reality.

The entrepreneur and engineer Luis Wenas has created a drone that combines typical drone functionsArtificial intelligence still facial recognition system. According to its creator himself, this was created in just a few hours, which is somewhat disturbing given the enormous potential of a project of this type.

In fact, if this were equipped with aarma o di explosive material, it could select, track and attack a human. A worrying scenario, also given the current geopolitical situation.

The drone, according to Wenas himself, is the result of his collaboration with Robert Lukoszkodocumenting his work through a film that appeared on X.

Drones hunting humans: the dangers regarding war scenarios, terrorism and more

According to Wenas himself, this system has devastating potential both in war and in terrorist contexts.

I anti-drone systems, applied to large events or similar situations, are unlikely to counter this potential threat. All this must be combined with facial recognition, which allows this tool to select a potential victim and attack it selectively.

Wenas describes himself as a firm believer in philosophy open source and, as an engineer, always attaches importance to sharing software through this philosophy. Furthermore, according to him, AI research should be accelerated despite the potential disadvantages, as “Good always prevails over evil“.

Wenas’ project, however, is not something strictly revolutionary. Through his demonstration, the engineer really wanted to underline how urgent it is to build anti-drone systems, equipped with cameras, acoustic sensors e detection systems highly effective.

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