Here are the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless Athletic Earphones

Sennheiser, the famous audio brand, has once again dedicated itself to individual listening, putting on the plate a new model of cable-free earphones, the tws Sennheiser Sport True Wireless Sport True Wireless, with a sophisticated equalization system.
Here are the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless Athletic Earphones

The audio market certainly does not lack true wireless earphones but, with the arrival of summer and the reduction of pandemic retractions, in recent times new models of earpods that do without cables have made their debut, with the German brand Sennheiser which, taken by a particular fervor, after a model at the beginning of March, has just raised the curtain also on the following ones.

The new earphones (6.9 grams), already on sale in the BSennheiser Sport True Wireless in the country at the price of 129 euros, support external touch, to manage music, calls (optimized in the intelligibility of the speaker thanks to the presence of 4 microphones with 100Hz-10kHz frequency response) and the use of voice assistants. Internally, the two units house 7mm drivers, credited with low distortion in the high volumes (THD less than 0.08%) and full bass performance.

Users, through the companion app, can intervene on the equalization: for example, thanks to the Adaptable Acoustic function, using rubber pads (in 3 sizes) with a closed Close Ear design, it is possible to activate the Focus EQ profile, perhaps to concentrate while you are a gym (with a sports use allowed by the IP54 waterproofing and by 4 different hooks to prevent it from falling). Conversely, using the Open Ear open design rubber pads, it is possible to activate the Aware EQ profile, which slows down the body’s runners (footsteps, heartbeat) letting some sounds pass through for an awareness of what is happening around (communications in station, car horns or, in nature, the chirping of crickets).

Still relying on the Sennheiser Smart Control companion app, users of the Sport True Wireless earphones will be able to further customize the sound, even creating custom-made presets, using the “Sound Check” function. The connection with the source is the further piece of sound quality of the new Teutonic earpods, given the support for Bluetooth 5.2 LE, with AAC, aptX, SBC codecs, and AVRCP, A2DP, HFP profiles.

Last but not least, autonomy. The earphones just announced by Sennheiser ensure 9 hours of autonomy after charging, completely carried out in 1.5 hours, in the case (41.6 grams), which – for its part – provides another 18 hours, for a total of 27 hours. ‘use.


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