Here’s what to do if Android apps keep closing

The app Android That they close all the time they are a problem that is as annoying as it is widespread. In fact, there are many users who, at least once in their lives, have clashed with it the inability to use one or more software.

Fortunately, however, there are several procedures yes follow to resolve this type of unexpected event. Starting from the easiest and most harmless interventions, such as a banal one reboot. Until we get to “definitive” operations such as restoration of the device to yours Factory Default Settings.

  • 1. Top Reasons Why Android Apps Crash

    Before going into the merits of the most effective procedures for Prevent Android apps from continuing to crash, it is certainly useful to take a step back. For example, questioning the reasons that could lead software to not work properly.

    In this sense, one of the most frequent reasons for blocking is lack of storage space on the device. In fact, devices use memory not only for store data or content.

    Storage space is also used for run apps or processes. So if there isn’t enough space, it’s more than likely that the apps they will not be able to function correctly.

    To overcome this problem it is enough free up storage space: for example deleting photos or videos manually from the photo gallery. But also passing through the operating system file managerwhich allows you to quickly locate large content and softwareor those less used.

    Sometimes Android apps crash due to problems that have to do with the compatibility. From this point of view it is very important check for updates: both of device and his operating systemwhich of software in question.

    Finally it happens that Android apps crash when the device fails to access Internet. Or alternatively when the connection it is not performing sufficiently.

    Therefore, if Android apps crash, it is advisable check the status of your Internet connection before embarking on other procedures.

    This means monitoring both the cell phone receptionbe it Wi-Fi connectivity: for example by opening one or more web pages. But also by checking the system settingsor your profile via the relevant telephone operator’s app.

  • 2. Basic steps to stop Android apps from crashing

    After having analyzed the possible reasons for blocking Android apps, it is possible to go into detail what to do to solve the problem. Starting from a series of basic interventionswhich do not require particular technical skills.

    The first is the classic restarting the device: a procedure that brings Android to close all software running in the background and to erase the memory.

    To restart an Android device this is generally sufficient keep the power button pressed. At this point a menu will appear offering, among the various options, that of reboot.

    Restarting the device allows you to delete quickly a whole series of Bug Minor. As a result, in many cases a reboot is enough to stop Android apps from continuing to crash.

    Just in case, too after reboot, the software still does not work correctly, more drastic measures can be taken. One in allelimination and the next reinstalling the app.

    This procedure allows you to delete any corrupt files. And it does not cause any particular problems for the user. THE data of an app are in fact linked to the profileuser. Therefore, even in the event of uninstallation, it is sufficient log in again with the usual credentials, to start using the program exactly as before.

    Per uninstall an app You need Android locate it on the desktop of your device. Then you have to keep tapping on the icon until a specific menu appears. Among the available entries, you must choose the name Uninstall and follow the wizard.

    Per install the app againsimply visit the Play Store: the digital store of Googlefrom which the vast majority of files are downloaded official app per Android.

  • 3. Advanced steps to stop Android apps from crashing

    It may happen that you determine Locked apps can’t even close definitively. In case of loop, it is possible to switch to forced shutdown.

    Per force shutdown of an app on an Android device you need to select the menu Settings and then the name card App. From here you have to search for the software that is causing problems, access the Information and then select the item named Force stop.

    At this point the same app that was causing problems it may start working properly with a simple reopening. Otherwise it is possible clear its cache ein case, your data.

    The procedure to follow is very similar to the one above. We start from the menu Settings and the name card Appand then look for the software that is causing problems.

    From here you need to select the name item Storage and then the name entry Clear cache. Or, alternatively, the name entry Clear data. Remembering, however, that the two operations lead to very different consequences.

    The cache and the cache web they serve to speed up program execution. On the contrary, deleting the data returns the app to default settings: this means that the procedure could lead to both disconnection from a service and to loss of content.

    Finally space for one last thing extreme procedure: the one that returns the entire device to Factory Default Settings. This intervention deleteall information and all data contained in the smartphone, which will therefore have to be reconfigured byzero.

    To factory reset an Android device you need to open the Settings and select the item named Management General. From here you need to select the name entries System, Restoration e Factory data reset.

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