Here’s why Apple hasn’t released a touchscreen Mac yet

Here's why Apple hasn't released a touchscreen Mac yet

Without any surprise, the big protagonist of the latest Apple event turned out to be theiPad Pro with M4 processor e display with OLED Tandem technology. In the reviews now available online, the processor and the panel are presented as great strengths, but there are also those who underline how iPadOS represents (once again) a huge limitation. And at this point we ask ourselves again why Apple hasn’t presented a Mac with a touch display yet.

Well, during an interview given to Joanna Stern of The Wall Street Journal, Tom Borger (marketing executive of the Cupertino company) tried to clarify this situation. First of all, he believes that Mac and iPad are not competing devices. Indeed, according to Borger they would be complementary. «The iPad has always been a touch-first device, while the Mac is for “indirect manipulation”, i.e. for use with a mouse/trackpad and keyboard“, explains.

So what does this mean? That there is absolutely no room for a Mac with a touch display in Apple’s future? In fact, for anyone who has a device like this on their wish list, there is hope. «He said many customers own both devices and think of the iPad as a way to “extend” work on a Mac», writes the journalist. Then theunexpected opening to solutions different from the current ones: «Oh, I can’t say we’ll never change our minds».

The first touchscreen Mac in 2025?

The Apple executive didn’t expose himself too much (and the opposite would have been surprising), but second Mark Gurman Of Bloomberg the Cupertino giant is actively working on touchscreen Macs. According to the sources of the journalist of the US newspaper, a MacBook Pro with touch display will debut in 2025.

The new laptop, however, will not feature a revolutionary design, in the sense that it will continue to be equipped with a keyboard and a trackpad. The novelty will be entirely in the display, with which you can interact with your fingers, just like on iPhone and iPad.

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