Hide someone’s posts from Facebook for 30 days

snooze facebook On Facebook, it has always been possible to stop following a friend who publishes things that we do not like to read or that disturbs our home with too many interventions that do not interest us.
To stop following a friend is a good solution to not participate in the discussions of someone we have in the friend’s list, which we do not want to take away from friends even in order not to be rude or offensive.
The result is that he will never know that we have stopped following him and will continue to publish what he wants without bothering us.To this possibility, Facebook has now added another less drastic solution, which allows us to pause receiving updates from a person, only temporarily.
In practice, if a friend becomes boring with single-issue topics, you can temporarily hide it from our Facebook for a month.
This can be particularly useful for blocking the friend’s policy-set under elections, to block the ultras friend after the victory of something, in order not to make us die of envy because of the photos of the holidays published every day by someone or even to clean up temporarily the page blocking almost all the friends not definitively.

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The new Snooze button, like the one to make the alarm sound after a few minutes, allows you to pause for 30 days the appearance of this person’s updates on our Home Facebook feed.
For 30 days, therefore, we will no longer see his name and what he writes, keeping it hidden unless we go right to his profile.
To use the pause button for 30 days, just click on the button with three dots located at the top right corner of each update box on the main Facebook page.

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