hide things on whatsapp The film Perfect strangers by Paolo Genovese, released in theaters in February 2016, has had good success with the public because it speaks of human relationships and betrayals, highlighting also the inability of people to use modern communication tools by adopting the right security measures.
The protagonists of the film seem, in other words, real naive ones who do almost nothing to hide messages and phone calls from lovers, with a certain naivety.
It is true that if, in theory, two people love each other, they should not absolutely control the mobile phone and the messages received; but it is equally true that living with a person it is very easy that this can, in some way, read incoming messages if they are clearly visible on the screen of the partner’s cell phone. Given that a clever person, who has a double life, does not call himself by the lover on the main number, that whoever has something to hide for sure does not use Facebook and that nobody sends more SMS, the main tool to protect today is certainly Whatsapp.
Beyond the motivation and not to encourage or protect betrayals, let’s see some then important options to use to hide uncomfortable chats in Whatsapp and contacts that shouldn’t be there.
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To protect Whatsapp from prying eyes you must first do three things: rename contacts that it would be better not to be recognizable, disable notifications both those visible to the eye and those audio for certain chats e delete messages and photos, sent or received, which can create problems if read by other people.

1) Regarding the change the name of the contact to hide, go to the Contacts list, touch the image of the one to edit and then tap on the.
From the contact card, it is possible to immediately set as “silent” each message received by this person, to ensure that notifications are received when writing to us.
When setting it silent for up to a year, remember to uncheck the option “show notifications“.
To change the name you need to open the phone book, the normal one, and rename it from there.
The name displayed in the address book is the one displayed in Whatsapp and there are no changes.
As a name, choose one as common and anonymous as possible.

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NOTE: If you want to chat with a particular person without displaying his name in the chat list on the main Whatsapp screen, it is worthwhile to create a group with only this person inside or a broadcast giving it a name you don’t suspect.
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2) As for the notifications, as seen above, we already know how to set a contact as silent from his card.
This operation can also be done from a chat initiated with that person by touching his name at the top.
To turn off notifications of a group chat that you do not want to attract attention just touch it to open it, then touch the chat title to see the group’s tab and activate the silent, also eliminating notifications.

3) To delete uncomfortable or embarrassing messages from a chat without deleting the entire chat (bearing in mind that they are easy to find with the search function) the fastest way is to use Whatsapp as a website from a PC, open the conversation, press the button at the top right with three dots and then up Select messages.
Put a cross next to all the messages of that conversation that is best to remove and then press the trash button.
To delete an entire chat, open it, press the three dots button at the top, go to Other and then Cancel chat.
To cancel all the chats instead, go to Settings -> chat and calls -> chat history.

4) Archive a conversation in Whatsapp can be a good way to hide it.
An archived chat remains very hidden in Whatsapp, ending up at the bottom of the list of conversations (scrolling down to the end).

5) Whatsapp has two privacy options to hide last access and read confirmations which are absolute to be used if you have something to hide.
These options, of which I have already spoken at length, are in the Settings -> Account> Privacy and can be activated or deactivated in an instant.

6) To hide received photos and videos it’s pretty easy.
On the iPhone, you just need to go to Settings> Privacy> Photos
On Android instead, we saw how to hide Whatsapp photos and videos from the Gallery, using the option in Settings> Chat and uncheck “show the media in the gallery“.
You can also hide photos and videos of individual chats, opening the conversation, touching the group title or the person’s name at the top, and then using the menu “media visibility” in the information screen.

Using an app you can instead protect the Whatsapp file folder or simply making sure that the photos received in Whatsapp do not appear in the gallery app or in other apps that are not Whatsapp.
If instead, you wanted to prevent the viewing of photos and videos received in Whatsapp then it is better to use an application to hide apps, files, photos and folders on Android (for iPhone I didn’t write anything about it but I think a Google search is enough to find good apps for the purpose).

7) In case you really want one total privacy, you can definitely protect Whatsapp with password access a good thing to protect yourself from a Mom or an intrusive friend, but which, in my opinion, if you live with a partner, can only arouse suspicions of betrayals or parallel stories.

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