Holograms of famous scientists from the past?  With AI it would be possible


Holograms that bring back to life long-dead famous people are certainly nothing new, but what was developed byLoughborough University in the UK it goes beyond what we have seen so far.

The British institute, a pioneer in the use of holographic technology, is working to “resurrect” some renowned scientists, such as Stephen Hawking. The project, which could be realized in 2025, also thanks to the company Proto of Los Angeles, ready to physically provide the technologies to achieve this goal.

The founder of that company, David Nussbaumhe explained to the The Guardian how Proto is actually able to project an image of Stephen Hawking, simulating his presence.

The avatar could also be easily connected to books, conferences or any kind of database supplied with material connected in some way to the scientist’s work, which would interact with people in a very realistic way. On the other hand, for students, being able to interact with an Albert Einstein or another historical figure could constitute a stimulus for their studies.

Holograms and Artificial Intelligence? The project to recreate Stephen Hawking and beyond

Although the Loughborough University project faces a number of legal obstacles, on a practical level the capabilities of theArtificial intelligence current technology can make everything technically much simpler. The ethical side of this new technology must also be considered, with implications that could give rise to quite a few controversies.

Nussbaum’s vision extends beyond educational institutions, with plans to introduce smaller, more affordable systems for home use in the next 18 months. In this regard, we are talking about products with a cost around $1,000therefore within the reach of a large segment of users.

Regardless of the success or otherwise of the project, it is a safe bet that the combination of holograms and AI could reserve several surprises for us in the near future.


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