Hi-tech medicineTechnology can also be a valuable aid in the medical-health field, given that many devices (once difficult to use without the aid of a doctor or an expert nurse) have become so simple and small in size that they can be used in complete autonomy, to monitor our state of health, keep diseases and altered states under control and intervene where necessary in case of values ​​outside the norm or in case of general widespread malaise.

Without wishing to replace in any way the opinion of an expert doctor (who always remains the point of reference for any doubt or problem of a medical or health nature), in this guide we will show you which are the best hi-tech medical devices that we can buy on Amazon without prescription and spending less than we imagine, especially if we compare the prices with those usually available in pharmacies.

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Hi-tech medical devices: which ones to buy

As already mentioned in the introduction, the devices that we will suggest in the following chapters can be a valid help to keep our state of health under control, but they do not replace the doctor’s opinion: before buying anything, it is always advisable to ask our general practitioner whether we can use certain devices and whether they are compatible with our state of health. How2do.org assumes no responsibility for the improper use of the devices and medical material provided in the guide, to be read at your own risk.

Finger pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeters or pulse oximeters are medical devices capable of measuring arterial blood saturation, i.e. the amount of oxygen bound to the blood at that particular moment. Normal values ​​are between 96 and 99 SpO2, under 95 the first respiratory problems may arise. On the market, there are several models of pulse oximeters, but those that have value from a medical point of view are those that show the perfusion index (referred to as PI%), i.e. the reliability value of the reading performed (in the medical field, a reading of the oximeter with PI equal to or greater than 3% is considered correct).

The first model we recommend that you consider is IDOIT 3 in 1 Professional Finger Pulse Oximeter, available on Amazon for less than € 30.

KKmier Pulse oximeter

This oximeter model measures Heart Rate (PR), Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) and also displays Perfusion Index (PI) on a high contrast display. The system is powered by two AAA mini-AAA batteries, so you can always use it continuously and, in the event of a sudden discharge, just change the batteries.

Another valid model we can consider is the MED LINKET 5 in 1 Professional Pulse Oximeter, available on Amazon for less than 40 €.


This oximeter has a multidirectional display capable of showing oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR), perfusion index (PI), and frequency bar graph, for a professional measurement. Also, in this case, the operation is guaranteed by two AAA mini-AAA batteries. If these oximeters run out we can view other models from the oximeter page on Amazon.

Smartband e smartwatch

Remaining in the medical field, the most hi-tech devices that we can use are smart bands and smartwatches, which integrate sensors such as the oximeter and the continuous heart rate monitor, really very useful for monitoring our state of health or for monitoring physical activity…

The best smart band we can buy in the medical field is undoubtedly the Amazfit Band 5, available on Amazon for less than 40 €.


With this smart band we will have an accurate and continuous heart rate monitor (it can measure the pressure 24 hours a day), measure the oxygen level in the blood (oximeter), and monitor sleep and physical activity, so as to significantly increase our physical well-being.

If instead of smart bands we prefer to focus on a smartwatch, the best is without a shadow of a doubt Apple Watch Series 6, available on Amazon for less than 500 €.

Apple Watch

On this hi-tech watch, we find a blood oxygen sensor (professional oximeter), a heart rhythm control chip with the ECG app, and various sensors designed for medical and athletic monitoring. To view other smart bands and smartwatch models, we invite you to read our guide’s Best SmartBands, economical and functional like a smartwatch e Which Smartwatch to buy.

Infrared thermometers

If we still use the old mercury or column thermometers, we can replace them with the new gun-shaped infrared thermometers: just turn them on, point them at any part of the body, and press, so you can quickly measure the temperature without having to wait.

On Amazon, there are really a great variety of models, but we decided to focus on the one with the highest number of votes and with the best quality/price ratio. KKmier Professional Infrared Fever Thermometer, available on Amazon for less than € 25.

KKmier Thermometer

Just turn it on and aim to get your body temperature right away, although we can use it to measure food or any surface. Alternatively, we can try the KALAOK Forehead Thermometer, available on Amazon for less than € 30.


If the models above are no longer available, we can always visit the Amazon page dedicated to infrared thermometers to find other cheap models.


In all Italian homes, there must be an oximeter and a digital thermometer, especially in times of pandemics: we will thus be able to monitor any suspicious symptoms and immediately measure the fever and respiratory capacity of each person, essential for recognizing severe forms of COVID-19. If we are only looking for complete hi-tech medical devices, we can always focus on smart bands and smartwatches, which integrate pulse oximeter and heart rate monitor.

Still, on a medical theme, we can read the guides on our site Medical research sites of symptoms, diseases, and physical pains e How to have the medical record on the smartphone (for emergency situations).


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