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Looking for computers to buy, we may come across some convertible computers, i.e. half-tablets and half PCs equipped with keyboard, with touchscreen and Android operating system. Many hybrid computers cost very little because Android is an open-source operating system, other hybrid tablets or laptops with a removable keyboard (which we can convert into a PC by attaching a suitable keyboard to it) can also cost a lot, just look at the prices of the Surface Pro by many considered the maximum example of tablet PC convertible into a notebook.But how does Android fare on a hybrid tablet PC? Does it work well or do we have to compromise? In this guide, we will show you how convertible computers that run an Android operating system really fare, so we can evaluate if it works well with larger screens and if we can really use it with a mouse and keyboard connected to the touchscreen.

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How Android works on hybrid tablet PCs

Android was born as a system for smartphones and tablets, but nothing prevents them from taking advantage of writing apps or photo editing apps with the help of a dedicated keyboard and mouse, so as to transform the tablet into a perfect substitute for the PC. traditional handset. In the following chapters, we will show you how Android works on these hybrid tablets and, if interested, we will also offer you some models to buy on the Internet, so as to save a lot on the final expense.

PC models with Android

There are various versions of PC with Android: we can find the compact desktops, made from large touchscreen monitors, designed for use on a fixed desk, but the most popular models are undoubtedly the convertible laptops, very similar to Microsoft Surface with Windows 10, therefore equipped with a touch screen and removable keyboard, so you can use the laptop as a tablet if necessary.
In addition to these models, we can also find the mini-PC, small miniature PCs to connect to a monitor or TV.

Android operation on convertible tablets

If you compare the devices seen above with Windows 10 tablets, then they make perfect sense and are to be preferred. In fact, if you compare Android with Windows 10 under the level of touch applications, the comparison sees tablet PCs with Android as winners: the Google Play Store is significantly richer than the Microsoft Store and there are no comparisons. On the other hand, however, on Windows 10 we find desktop programs, which in many cases offer superior functions: in this case the discussion changes, and Android can’t compete with Windows on non-touch desktop computers or laptops.

Android works well on a smartphone and tablet, but for some versions, it also works well as a desktop PC, since it is possible to have a real pointer and use the apps as if they were desktop programs. Obviously, we will not have the same practicality of use as a classic PC: all mobile apps are designed to be used with the touch in the vast majority of cases, leaving little space for the mouse and keyboard:
Summarizing we can say that:

  • Laptops convertible into tablets with an Android system can be good. The keyboard, after all, works well and allows you to write emails, documents, and blogs faster. However, it must be considered that all Android tablets, as well as iPads, can be connected to a removable keyboard so buying the convertible (which however costs more than a normal tablet) can be an unnecessary expense.
  • I PC desktop Android, even if with a touchscreen, they don’t make much sense. Maybe it could work on a public computer with the touch screen, just for surfing the internet, in limited user mode.

On the other hand, I mini PC Android have good commercial success, not because they can be used in place of a Windows desktop PC, but to be used as TV BOX to connect to the TV to watch videos and movies thanks to the numerous applications, both regular ones and those that transmit illegal streaming contents (for example the famous “pezzotto” for IPTV is nothing more than an Android mini PC).

Alternative ad Android: Chrome OS e Android X-86

Google itself does not use Android on its laptops, preferring its other Chrome OS system instead.
Chrome OS

If Google itself is promoting Chrome OS on next-generation notebooks, it speaks volumes about Android’s prospects for success as an operating system for hybrid systems or for traditional notebooks. Those who have an old laptop, however, can always try to install Android X-86 su PC to get it back fast or the excellent Phoenix OS, Android operating system per PC.

Buying Guide

If we really want to focus on a convertible tablet PC or a Mini PC with Android, we suggest you focus on the models shown below, so as to be sure to focus on fast and comfortable devices to be used as emergency laptops or laptops. for use on the move.

The cheapest model we can bet on is the YOTOPT 10 Inch Tablet, available on Amazon for less than 150 €.

On this tablet, we find a 10-inch HD screen, ARM octa-core processor, 64 GB of expandable internal memory, 4 GB of RAM, Android 10.0 operating system certified by Google GMS, 3 dedicated slots (Dual SIM + microSD), support for LTE network, GPS, Wi-Fi module, pull-out keyboard, wireless mouse and touch stylus.

Another cheap tablet PC that we can see is the YESTEL 10 Inch Tablet, available for less than 150 €.

On this new generation convertible, we find one 10 Inch IPS HD, ARM quad-core processor, 64 GB of expandable internal memory, 4 GB of RAM, Android 10.0 operating system, 5MP + 8MP camera, LTE SIM support, removable keyboard, OTG Dedicated USB, headphones, and charger.

If we are looking for a tablet model with a keyboard and Android system, we can give the MABERRY 10.1 Inch Tablet PC, available on Amazon for less than 150 €.
10.8 Inch Tablet

This keyboard tablet features 10.1 inch IPS 16:10 screen, FullHD resolution, 2.3GHz deca-core processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of expandable internal memory, Android 10.0 operating system with Google GMS, Wi-Fi module, Dual SIM support, 8000mAh battery, 16MP + 8MP cameras, detachable keyboard, and USB Type-C connection.


As we have seen, convertible tablets with Android work quite well as emergency laptops, but obviously, they should not be used for productivity or to work more than 2 hours: they are devices born as tablets, and only if necessary they should be used as portable, given also the reduced power and the little practicality of mobile apps.

In another guide, we also showed you how to Transform and use your tablet as a portable PC (Android and iPad).
If, on the other hand, we want a traditional notebook, able to replace most desktop computers, we invite you to read our articles Best notebooks for students e How to choose the new Notebook.


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