How ChatGPT Edu works for university

The potential of ChatGPT is now well known its fields of application are extremely vast. OpenAI, the company that launched this extraordinary product based on artificial intelligence, is fully aware of the uses that can be made of the platform. So he decided to launch one a version dedicated to students, teachers and university researchers. Is called ChatGPT Edu and it will soon be available to all those who want to use it and on the best university campuses.

The announcement of the launch of ChatGPT Edu arrived in recent days. Artificial intelligence dedicated to universities has been described in detail. Let’s find out how it works and what the difference is ChatGPTwho will be able to access it and how.

How ChatGPT Edu works, the AI ​​for university students and teachers

ChatGPT Edu is the version of ChatGPT specifically designed for students and teachers universities and for all those institutes, schools and universities that want to integrate artificial intelligence into study programs to allow everyone to learn more easily and with new stimuli.

This version of ChatGPT includes features dedicated to students, but there are also many limitations. ChatGPT Edu uses the latest language model released by OpenAI, namely GPT-4o, already active for many web users.

Allows access to advanced tools for data analysishas a strong understanding of mathematics, can perform web searches, create summaries and summaries for documents, and supports more than 50 different languages.

Training data for ChatGPT Edu will be customized based on the needs of universities. There will, therefore, be many different small versions of this tool based on the needs of the universities themselves. All data entered into ChatGPT Edu they will never be used by OpenAI to train its models. The security level is high.

ChatGPT Edu for a responsible diffusion of artificial intelligence in universities

OpenAI is extremely aware of the potential of applying artificial intelligence, but also of the risks and concerns it can raise. ChatGPT Edu is the result of the company’s commitment to responsibly deploy AI to students, researchers and teachers and within places dedicated to education, such as schools and university campuses.

ChatGPT Edu was born after OpenAI took notice the success that some universities have achieved by exploiting AIin particular using ChatGPT Enterprise, as done by the University of Oxford and Columbia University.

How ChatGPT is used on university campuses

ChatGPT can be used on college campuses to accomplish various tasks. It can deliver tutoring students, helping them build their curriculum and practice languages or in other disciplines, assist teachers and researchers in compiling reports and evaluations and much more.

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