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How Google Search changes with Bard and AI

Google Bard it’s becoming there preferred choice by many users in the world thanks to its powerful web content search function, which has earned it much approval compared to ChatGPT which does not offer Internet access in its free plan and the alternative proposed by Microsoft Bing Chat AI. Also, as consumers continue to grow, more and more tools rely on Google Bard or expand its capabilities to use the most powerful search engine in the world.

Google Bard it works much like a search engine as it is capable of providing complete and clear answersincluding a list of sources used to get the output delivered to the user. While the experience is no more intuitive than the typical Google search, Bard excels at understanding context and in response to follow-up requestsmaking it an excellent option powered by the same search engine.

How to integrate Bard into Google search engine

But there is the possibility of using the chatbot signed by Sundar Pichai’s company by integrating it into the ordinary Google Search experience via achrome extension. L’generative artificial intelligence it arrived in the Google search engine and is still in the testing phase. It will therefore be necessary to wait a few months before having a stable implementation.

However, those interested in experimenting with an enhanced version can do so by installing the extension “Bard for Search Engine” which you can download via Chrome Web Store.

Since the chatbot accesses a many sources of information simultaneously, it’s much easier to get comprehensive and relevant results in no time, without having to switch between tabs or sites. Bard for Search Engines is a solution for provide insights into the results more relevant than your searches, whether on Google, Yahoo, Brave or others. Also, it allows for continue the conversation within the same page.

Per connect the chatbot to Google Searchjust follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the above web page e click on the “Add to Chrome” buttonthen on “Add extension” in the confirmation request
  2. Access Google Bard from the site via an active VPN and associated with servers located in countries where the chatbot is available, such as the United States
  3. Make sign in with your Google account and eventually subscribe to the Bard service
  4. The extension will connect automatically and will allow you to complete any Google search, receiving the chatbot’s responses in a convenient sidebar along with the output traditionally offered by the browser

Choose between Google Bard and sync with Google Search

Between the two available search options, Google Bard and Google Search Sync, the key differences are quite limited but important. The chatbot uses the same search engine as all internet users, improving it with advanced features such as image generation and photo analysis. This makes it a totally new approach to online researchsupported by artificial intelligence and its capabilities to analyze data and generate texts.

On the other hand, synchronization with Google Search allows for compare results in real time, making the experience more intuitive and familiar for users. In fact, it is possible to verify the influence of AI in the analysis of web pages and in the output proposed to the end user.

Plus, it’s so much more easy to enter the query in the search bar rather than using Bard. Especially when you don’t need “narrated” results, but only accurate data, statistics, graphs or essential information.

For a’advanced search experienceit is better to opt for the latter method which allows you to reach a optimal balance between simplicity and advanced solutions. Otherwise, Google Bard’s AI is still adequate as long as you connect via VPN until it’s released in Europe, but it will incur an additional expense.

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