How it works and who has to pay the Rai license fee on the bill

Il 2024 started with some good news related to Rai license fee: the reduction of the annual amount from 90 to 70 euros. But there are still several aspects to understand.

First, it is not entirely clear whether and how the commitment will take shape separate the Rai license fee from the bill, based on the indications of the European Union. Added to this are the concerns related to the users who use it Internet rather than a television.

While waiting for further resolutions, it is certainly useful to understand better what does this tax consist of?. Taking into account the fact that the Rai license fee also provides for cases of exemption e di cancellation.

What is the Rai license fee and who has to pay it

Il canonRaior TV license, is an annual payment due to all owners of a television, but not only. From a technical point of view, the ordinary fee must be paid by anyone in possession of devices suitable or adaptable to reception of radio and television broadcasts.

Added to this are a special feededicated to public establishments and, more generally, to premises that are outside the family context. And the situations of presumption of detention: the latter are triggered in conjunction with the utilities for energy supply, but only in the case of places where the user has his own residence registry.

It is good to clarify that the payment of the Rai license fee is related to possession of utilities and devices and not their use. It must therefore be paid regardless of whether the user uses his or not television. Oh one any other device with which to receive and decode the signal DTT or the satellite signal.

However, there are cases in which the Rai license fee provides for aexemption. This is the case, for example, of holders of income less than 8,000 euros nod. But also some specific professional categories: foreign diplomats or military personnel, resellers or repairers of electronic devices.

How to pay the Rai license fee

From 2016 the installment plan was established Rai license fee on the bill. This means that users simply have to pay for theirs energy userswhich are automatically integrated with a dedicated amount.

A measure of Budget Law 2024 has institutionalized the lowering of the annual total to be paid, which passes from 90 to 70 euros.

I energy suppliers they are therefore called to split the amount, based on the individual tariff plan. Users who pay a monthly bill they pour 7 euros extra Rai license fee from January to October. Users who pay a bimonthly bill they pour 14 euros extra Rai license fee in the same period of time.

The bills contain a space dedicated to expense items and related ones amounts frompay. Among these there is one dedicated precisely to the canon Rai.

As anticipated in the previous paragraphs, the Rai license fee provides for cancellation and exemption. In both cases the user must communicate the right to him through a Substitute Declaration Form. The declaration must be addressed toRevenue Agencyby registered mail or PEC. By sending it by June 30thit is possible to be exempt starting from the second half of the year.

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