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How much will the iPhone 15 cost in Europe

The output of iPhone 15 is getting closer and, although the many rumors about it have never been officially confirmed, there seems to be no doubt about one thing: the next iPhone it will be very expensive.

After all, this item had been in the air for some time and given what the potential should be data sheet of the smartphone, unsurprisingly, Apple had to raise prices.

Also in this case there is a lot of news and there is a need to put some order and try to understand something more while awaiting official confirmation.

Here’s what we know about the iPhone 15.

When will the iPhone 15 cost in Europe

Second Dan Ivesanalyst of Wedbushthe price of the next iPhone will be much higher than the previous one.

But, in addition to the technological equipment chosen by the company, costs have also increased price increases which have affected all productive sectors and especially that one of consumer electronics.

As mentioned at the beginning, the news would not yet be confirmed and other sources Forbes they suggest, instead, that the increases will only affect iPhone 15 Pro e iPhone 15 Pro Max (forse Ultra) which, really, will have the technical characteristics of true top of the range.

Also according to another famous analyst, Jeff Puthe increases will only affect the best performing iPhone models, while the basic version will remain (more or less) in line with what happened with iPhone 14.

Naturally these are hypotheses and the only one who put a few numbers “on the plate” was the well-known leaker @Tech_Reve who confirmed on his social pages that the production of the iPhone 15 cost Apple approx 12% more compared to the previous model.

If so, it is reasonable to expect for Europe a price increase of about 120/170 euros for each version of iPhone 15.

What we know about iPhone 15

Following the various rumors on the web it was possible to hypothesize what could be the technical data sheet of the next iPhone 15, on which we will certainly find the USB port-C that Apple had to install to bring the device in line with European regulations.

However the base model should have a speed of data transfer and charging lower than the Pro models.

The will finally arrive on the basic version of the next iPhone Dynamic Islandgreat news for enthusiasts who will no longer have to aim for the most expensive devices to take advantage of this exclusive technology which, according to rumors, should have received several improvements.

As for the processor, iPhone 15 will have a A16 Bionicalready seen on the top of the range of the previous generation and in any case a very reliable chip with great potential.

Finally the rumors speak of a photographic sector identical to the one already seen on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

In short, it seems clear that the iPhone 15 shares a large part of the technical data sheet already seen on iPhone 14 Pro. In the face of this, it is right to ask whether, in view of a price that is destined to grow, it is wise to buy a new model or if, on the other hand, it is not more convenient to “take a step back” and aim for the previous generation.

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