Do we want to use ChatGPT also from the smartphone? Let’s find out all the methods to take advantage of the most famous AI on Android and iPhone.

App ChatGPT
ChatGPT has truly conquered everyone: it is an artificial intelligence engine that always provides precise answers and is able to tell stories like no other program or AI has ever done before. It is no coincidence that it has become a mass phenomenon and more and more people use it to program, write and search for anything on the web.Being a web service it is easily accessible even from your smartphone and, with a few little tricks, we can too add it as an app in your phone home or use some apps that use ChatGPT as an AI engine to generate responses.

In the following guide, we have collected all the valid methods to use ChatGPT on Android or iPhone smartphones it’s up to us to choose the one that best suits our phone or our specific needs.

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1) Accedere a ChatGPT da browser web

Google Chrome

By opening the integrated browser on the phone (Google Chrome or Safari) we can easily access the ChatGPT service as if it were any web page; after opening our default browser we press on the address bar and type the address chat.openai.comobtaining direct access to the login page of the service.

If we already have an account with OpenAI we can press Login and use the login credentials to access ChatGPT; alternatively, we can always use Google and Microsoft accounts to quickly access the service, without having to worry about saving yet another password.

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2) Create ChatGPT shortcut on Home

Safari shortcut

Users who want to access ChatGPT from mobile even faster can create a real app of the service, taking advantage of the shortcuts offered by the main browsers on Android and iPhone (i.e. Google Chrome and Safari).

To create the ChatGPT app on our Android phone we open Google Chrome let’s go to the ChatGPT site (as seen in the first chapter), press on the three dots at the top right and finally press on Add to the Home screen. A shortcut to ChatGPT will be created on the home phone, giving us quick access to the AI ​​service.

On the iPhone the process is very similar: open the Safari browser, go to the ChatGPT page, press the button at the bottom Share, and scroll through the menu items until we find the item Add to the Home screen.

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3) App ufficiale ChatGPT

App original ChatGPT

OpenAI, the company that runs the AI ​​engine, provides the official ChatGPT app for all iPhones; to download it, all we have to do is open the link of theApple App Store and download it; alternatively, we can always open the App Store on our phone and search for the app from there.

At the time of writing, there appear to be restrictions on accessing the app for iPhones outside the US; we are sure that in a short time, the app will be accessible in every part of the world.

The official ChatGPT app for Android is not yet available but OpenAI said it is also working to create the official app for the green robot.

4) Apps that use ChatGPT as an AI engine

App Bot IA

In addition to the official app, we can use other apps in the stores to use ChatGPTeven without logging into your account.

The best app of its kind on Android is Chat by GPT, able to make the most of ChatGPT to generate consistent responses from the service, without an OpenAI account (just open the app and use the free service). Other valid apps that we can use for the same purpose are AI chat, GDT chat e Freebot AI.

On iPhone, we can try the apps AI Chat Ask Chatbot Assistant, AI Chat, or Genie.

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ChatGPT can also be used without problems on smartphones, just open the same site that we are used to managing on PCs and write the request with the on-screen keyboard. In addition to having a browser tab, we can also create a quick shortcut to the service or, if we really want to use ChatGPT without an OpenAI account, use third-party apps with API access to the ChatGPT service.

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