Dark Mode The black theme or Dark Mode is probably the most striking novelty of the new generation of smartphones: starting from the iPhone 11 onwards, all phones have tried to "copy" and integrate this mode, so that users can benefit from the dark theme. especially at night (less eye strain and battery saving).
If we have not yet become familiar with the Dark Mode of phones and apps, let's not worry: in this complete guide we will show you how to activate Dark Mode on Android and iOS apps, showing you the steps required to activate it at the system level (which is always preferable since it becomes a global change and active on almost all apps) and how to activate it in the individual apps that support it.

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How to activate Dark Mode

In the following chapters we will find all the steps necessary to activate the famous Dark Mode on practically any smartphone produced from 2018 onwards (where it also arrived as a system update) and how to activate the dark mode in the individual apps, so as to be able to benefit from it at night. .

Activate Dark Mode on iPhone

To enable Dark Mode on iPhone (where it is available on all devices running iOS 13 or later) we just have to open the app Settings, open the menu Screen and brightness and select the theme Dark.
Dark Mode iPhone

From now on the menus will appear black with white lettering and the change will also be active in all apps that already support Dark Mode (Telegram, WhatsApp, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Instagram etc.).
If we want the Dark Mode to activate automatically every time the sunset falls, all we have to do is activate the switch next to the item Automatic; a new menu will appear where you can choose whether to activate the Dark Mode based on sunset or based on a customized time.

Activate Dark Mode on Android

On Android, not all smartphones have introduced Dark Mode, especially on smartphones that do not often receive system updates (such as those seen in our guide Android updates: who faster among Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and other manufacturers?).
For example, the recent Xiaomi (from 2018 onwards) have all received Dark Mode as a system update and we can activate it by opening the app Settings, taking us to the menu Display, pressing on Dark mode and activating the switch next to the item Dark mode.
Dark Mode Android

On other Android smartphones the steps are similar, just open the Screen or Display menu and see if the Dark Mode is present.
Unfortunately on Android the change only affects the system menus if we have an Android version lower than 10: to be able to bring the dark mode in the apps automatically we will have to update to Android 10 or enable it in the individual apps that support it, as we will see in the next chapter.

Activate Dark Mode in apps

There are more and more apps that support the dedicated Dark Mode, i.e. available independently of the system settings. If we don't know how to activate dark mode in apps, just follow the steps described in the following list:

  • WhatsApp Dark: on the popular messaging app just open the menu Settings (three dots above or in the dedicated menu), press on the menu Chat, press on the menu Theme and select the item Dark.
  • Telegram: another famous messaging app on which you can activate Dark Mode by opening the menu Settings, pressing on Chat settings and selecting the theme Night; to make this change automatic we scroll through the window and activate the Automatic night mode.
  • Instagram: on the social photo we can activate the dark mode based on the system settings or adjust it manually by taking us to the menu Settings, pressing on the item Theme and choosing the voice Black background.
  • Facebook Messenger: another app widely used for messages and on which we can activate the dark mode by pressing the top right on our username and activating the switch on the item Black background mode.
  • Twitter: another famous social network on which we can activate the Dark Mode by opening the Settings of the app, pressing on Display and soundsby pressing on Dark mode and pressing on the item Yup; in the same window we can set the automatic dark mode at sunset and choose whether to use the theme Diffused lights or Lights off.
  • Gboard: the Google keyboard allows you to choose a dark theme while writing, all we have to do is press on the gear at the top left, press on Theme and select one of the dark themes displayed.
  • Google Chrome: if we use the Google browser we can set the dark mode by opening the Settings, pressing on Themes and choosing the voice Dark; activating the mode Default the dark theme will be activated automatically every time the phone goes into power saving.
  • YouTube: the app for streaming videos allows you to activate the Dark Mode by pressing the profile icon at the top right, pressing on Settings -> General and activating the voice Dark Theme.

These are the main apps that support the dark theme: certainly they are much more numerous, but already by acting on the apps shown in the list we will get a real dark mode on the vast majority of the apps we use daily.


Although the dark mode can throw off most novice users, it is very useful for avoiding eye strain at night, as well as significantly reducing battery consumption on OLED screens, as already explained in our in-depth analysis. Will using a black wallpaper on my mobile save battery?

If we want to achieve even higher battery savings, we invite you to read our guide Android apps to optimize battery and save energy is Increase battery life on mobile phones and smartphones.


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