Can we protect our connection from hackers and snoopers? Let’s see how to use the VPN protection offered directly by Google

Google VPN

When we surf away from home from a mobile phone or laptop it is always a good idea to activate a VPN, especially if we use free Wi-Fi hotspots to surf for free without limits. Data traffic can be intercepted by other hackers connected to the hotspot, leading to a breach of personal data and, in the worst case scenario, theft of bank login details or credit card details.

In the following guide we will tell you about Google One VPNservice Secure and fast VPN managed directly by Google and can be integrated very easily onto any modern telephone or computer. Google VPN is included in theGoogle One subscription (to expand cloud space) but we can use it for free if we have specific phone models.

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1) What is Google One VPN

Meaning Google VPN

Google One VPN is a VPN service that creates a encrypted tunnel to Google serverswhich in this case will act as a secure and anonymous access point for our web browsing.

Google servers provide VPN customers a new anonymous IP addresswhich we can use for effectively hide our Internet traffic and prevent hackers, control or surveillance companies from recovering the browsing history and identity of those who visit web pages.

Given the widespread diffusion of Google servers the connection is always very fastfrom any position we connect: in many cases we will not even notice that we are under a VPN connection, given that Google servers are optimized to always offer a secure and fast connection at any time of the day.

2) How to activate Google One VPN

Activate Google VPN

Activating Google VPN is very simple, since it will be enough download the Google One app are Androidare iPhoneare Windows about are Macproceed with the installation and, once our Google account has been associated, access the section Advantages -> VPNso you can activate connection protection.

To use this VPN you need to subscribe to Google OneTherefore, those who need additional space for Google Drive or Google Photos will be able to get the VPN included in the subscription, without having to spend extra money.

The subscription starts from €0.49 for the first month (then €1.99 per month) for 100 GB of additional space, but we can also activate it on the larger plans (200 GB at €2.99 per month or 2 TB at €9.99 per month). Google VPN is not available with the free Google One account (i.e. the one that provides 15 GB to all Google users).

3) How to use Google One VPN for free

Pixel VPN

Who wants to use the Free Google VPN at no additional cost must have Pixel phonesphones produced directly by Google that offer VPN completely separately from Google One, integrating it as an additional security system for the phone.

At the time of writing we can use Google’s VPN for free by purchasing one of the following phones:

  • Google Pixel 7a
  • Google Pixel 7
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro

For further information we can read our guide on Google phones with original Android.

4) Performance comparison with other popular VPNs

VPN with phone

Google’s VPN is fast, easy to activate on any phone or computer and requires no configuration: you just need to activate a button to have it always active on the device, almost forgetting that you have it active.

The connection speed on Google One VPN is always very high and there are useful functions for phone security (such as split tunnel and kill switch), but it is not possible to choose any server or change the country in which to appear: in fact it is the Google server that provides us with a random IP addresschoosing from time to time the best anonymous IP address for our connection.

This makes Google VPN convenient for users looking for one additional protection on their connection and want to hide the traffic from hackersbut it may not be useful to users who try to access streaming services from abroad or want to hide Internet traffic by using an IP address from a specific country (such as Switzerland).

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Google VPN can be an additional protection tool when we connect outside the home to Wi-Fi hotspots, since it allows us to hide the IP address and data traffic behind an encrypted tunnel towards Google servers (among the fastest in the world).

Unfortunately it’s not up to par with the others Paid VPN services: we cannot choose the server from which to exit, we cannot choose the connection protocol and there is also no information on privacy and the nature of the servers used for the encrypted connection.

For further information we can read our articles on browser with unlimited and free VPN for your smartphone come on what are the best free VPNs that are also safe and unlimited on PCs and smartphones.


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