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Those who followed the development of the various beta and preview versions of Windows 10 knew the words “build insider” with which Microsoft identifies the previews of the operating system still to be tested before the final release. Thanks to this mechanism of continuous updates Microsoft makes Windows 10 for PC a service that will be continuously improved over time. Since there will not be a Windows 11, Microsoft gives to all Windows 10 users the opportunity to try, in preview, new developments, and experimental functions before their final release as a regular update.
A bit like with Chrome and Firefox’s beta, it’s possible to activate build insiders and then receive everyone on the PC Windows 10 updates before the final release. Let’s see in this guide how Windows 10 Insider Build works and how to activate it.

Activate Windows 10 Insider Build

One of the most important and least noticeable changes in Windows 10 compared to the past Windows is in the development of two versions of the operating system, one for everyday use (more stable) and a version where they are present new system features, performance optimization and the addition of new programs or menus.

The activation of Insider Build is free on all the copies of Windows 10 installed on the computer and, if we are not satisfied with the latest version, we can always go back to the more stable version with fewer updates.

System backup

Before proceeding with the activation of Windows 10 Insider Build, we advise you to back up your most important personal files and create a restore point, so you can quickly go back in case of problems or sudden blocks (not to be excluded given the unstable nature of the Insider updates).
To make a backup of your personal files we open the Start menu at the bottom left, we search Backup settings and open the relevant menu item Settings.
backup file

We activate the button present under the heading Automatically back up files, we indicate the unit to save the backups (a USB hard drive or a network disk) and make sure that the folders we want to save are included in the backup.
Later we open the Windows Start menu again (bottom left), we look for the entry Create a restore point and we click on the homonymous entry of the Control panel.
restore point

In the window that opens, we click on the item Create, we set a name at will and we complete the procedure, so as to have a recovery ready to be used in case of problems.
To create more complete and effective Windows 10 backups, we refer you to reading our two guides on How to backup and restore your computer simple, fast and complete and how to Create a Windows PC recovery partition.

How to activate Windows 10 Insider Build

To activate Windows 10 Insider Build we open the Start menu at the bottom left, select the app Settings so let us take the path Update and security -> Windows Insider program.
Windows Insider

In the window that we will see appear, just press the button It begins to start the procedure. If we have already configured a Microsoft account in the system, receiving Insider Build will be enabled immediately; if instead, we have used a local account for Windows so far, we will inevitably have to combine a Microsoft account in order to continue. We can enter our credentials directly in the window by clicking on Link an account, otherwise, we can proceed by taking us on the path Settings -> Account -> E-mail and account -> Add a Microsoft account. Once the account has been confirmed, we press on Record and later on subscribe (Microsoft will warn you about Insider release instability).
Activate Insider

We confirm the user’s license and await the configuration of the operating system, which could last several minutes. In the end, the system will ask us to restart, in order to make the applied changes effective.
Returning to the path Update and security -> Windows Insider program, we can also choose the speed of the Insider updates to receive:

  1. Rapid: the most frequent updates, several times a week
  2. Slow: medium frequency updates, about once a month
  3. Insider Preview: the latest updates before the release of the stable version, available every 6 months

Based on our capabilities and the desire to try new features, we can choose the most appropriate update speed (we can also change it later).

How to disable Windows 10 Insider Build

If too fast releases have caused us too many problems, we can at any time stop receiving Insider Builds, taking us back to the path Update and security -> Windows Insider program and clicking on the button this time Stop the Build Insider Preview.
A new window will now open, where we will have to choose what to do.
Disable Insider

Among the available items we can choose:

  1. Switch to less risky and less frequent planning: we can continue to receive Insiders, but only releases tested for at least a month (therefore more stable and with fewer problems).
  2. Suspend updates for a while: we can stop receiving updates for a few months (not recommended if the current release is unstable, we risk keeping it for a long time).
  3. I roll back to the last Windows release: allows you to restore Windows to the stable release used before enrolling in the program (if it has not been more than a month).
  4. Continue to provide me builds until the next Windows release: will allow you to still receive Insider releases but only until the next Windows 10 building is released.

For deactivation, we will have to focus on item 3, but it will not always be available: this is why we have recommended the creation of backup or system image, much easier to restore.


If we want to be the first to receive Windows 10 news, simply enable the Insider Builds in our operating system and chooses the frequency of updates. These Windows releases are very unstable and can cause serious problems, so it is better to have a backup and a system image ready at hand.

In another guide, we showed you how to block or uninstall updates of Windows 10.
To receive updates of all the programs installed on the system (even completely automatically), we advise you to read our guide on how to Download automatic updates of programs and software installed on your PC.


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