How to add a website to your smartphone home screen

The home screen of a smartphone Android or of a iPhone it is not only designed for Apps but allows the user to add i links to any website.

In this way, not only will you always have the addresses of your favorite sites at hand, but you will be able to imagine having a dedicated application available for direct access to a specific page.

Let’s find out how to add a site to the Home screen of your smartphone.

  • 1. Add a site to the Home screen on iPhone

    Of course it is possible perform this operation also on the iPhone (or on iPad), and it is an extremely immediate procedure that requires nothing more than Safari. At the moment, therefore, on devices with the iOS operating system, this path does not work with other browsers, like Google Chrome.

    First you have to open Safari and go to the site you want to add to your home screen. Then you need to tap on share button placed in the toolbar and select the option Add to Home screen.

    If this action is not initially available, you can add it by clicking on the button Edit actions located at the bottom of the share tab.

    At this point, all that remains is change the name of the link to be entered on the home screen and tap on add. Once this is done, the link to the site will be added to the Home page and the user will be able to manage it as if it were any application, only for obvious reasons it will not appear in the installed programs library on the smartphone.

  • 2. Add a site to the Android Home screen

    They are AndroidUnlike iOS, you can add a site to your home screen using any of the browsers available in Google Play Store. In this specific case the procedure will illustrate how to do it using Google Chrome, which is also the default browser on the operating system’s Googlebut it must still be remembered that it is a procedure that can be implemented with any other typical application Microsoft Edge o Mozilla Firefoxfor example.

    First you have to open Google Chrome and go to the website you want to add to your home screen. Once this is done, you have to touch the three dot menu icon at the top right and select the option Add to home screen.

    Again as accessed on the iPhone is possible change the name of the link and enter it on the Home simply by tapping on add.

    At this point the site will appear just like any application that the user can drag wherever he wants on the smartphone or add it to a folder.

    Of course also in this case the connection it will not appear in the application management menu because, in fact, it’s just a link that refers to Chrome.

  • 3. Why add a site to the Home screen

    There can be many reasons for wanting to add a site to the Home screen of your smartphone (Android or iOS).

    First of all, this is a quick and easy way to have all the sites available which are visited most frequently. Of course, they can also be added to your favorites, but in this way there will be no need to open your browser first and then search for the site in question every time. Simply tap on the new icon for quick access.

    Then it can be a quick and easy solution for manage specific sites that require particular accesses. Using the automatic compilation of the browser and the site added to the Home screen, you will have quick access to the various reserved areas, simulating in all respects the procedure that would take place by switching to the application.

    Adding a site to the main screen of the smartphone can also be a system for avoid downloading the official application. In case, in fact, the phone had memory full or if for any reason you do not want to download and install yet another application, by choosing this solution the user will obtain direct access as close as possible to that via the App. features available and the visualizationthey mightbe different and not all sites can be used via a mobile browser, but still it’s a great alternative solution to consider to save some precious space.

    Moreover it can also happen that some applications are no longer supported by the system versionoperational installed on your smartphone. When this is the case, there are essentially two options: update your phone (if possible) or buy a new one with a newer version of Android and iOS. Naturally the second option described is the more “extreme” one and if the smartphone were still efficient, choosing to add a website to the home screen could be an excellent compromise for visiting the pages you need even when the App is no longer available.

    Finally it must also be said that not all sites visited have the opportunity to download the official application and, indeed, very often these programs work in a rather questionable way, especially when it comes to blogs or smaller realities. By choosing to add the site to the Home screen, in fact, all these inconveniences are bypassed, obtaining a quick and functional access system.

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