Ban Facebook Managing a Facebook page brings considerable advantages if we own a business or an online activity (such as a blog or an information site) but, like any social tool, we can run into annoying users or users who offend others, worsening the atmosphere of the page.
Fortunately, Facebook offers all the tools to restore calm and remove annoying users or those who have responded badly to your content or to the comments of other users.
In this guide we will show you how to ban from a Facebook page from PC and mobile devices, showing you both how to ban a fan of the page and a user who has come to our public page and has offended or insulted freely.

How to apply the ban on Facebook pages

The ban is a tool already present on the old forums and on the old Internet chats and identifies the action with which the administrator or moderator of the discussion dismisses a user who bothers or annoys / offends other users.
This action can also be replicated on Facebook pages, so as to be able to exercise a good form of control towards users who do not deserve to participate in the discussion.

How to ban from a Facebook page on PC

To ban one of our annoying fans from the Facebook page we manage, we open the social site on our favorite browser, press the right side on the section Your pages, we press on the page where to apply the ban, we press at the top on the item Settings, let's open the menu People and other pages then we choose the category of people from which to choose the user to be banned, using the drop-down menu on the item People who like this page.
Ban Settings

To facilitate the search we can also use the search field immediately next to the drop-down menu. Found the user to be blocked, put a check mark on the box next to his name, press the gear icon at the top then press on Block from page.
Block user

We can apply the ban to more than one user at a time and, using the drop-down menu at the top left, we can also choose to ban only users who follow the page or other pages who have decided to follow ours.

How to ban from a Facebook page on a smartphone or tablet

If, on the other hand, we want to ban an annoying or offensive user from a Facebook page when we use a smartphone or a tablet we will have to use steps very similar to those seen in the previous chapter. First of all we open the Facebook app (available for Android and iPhone / iPad), press the icon with the three lines at the top right, press on the page to manage, scroll through the options immediately under the name (those bordered black) until you find the menu Other, let's reward ourselves and take us in Settings -> People and other pages.
Smartphone lock

We choose the category of users to show, then press the button Block next to the user to be banned; in the window that appears, click OK to make the changes effective.
As already seen on PC we can also block users who follow the page or other pages that follow ours.

How to ban a user who does not follow the page

Most of the offensive or annoying comments we will not receive them from a user who has like or followed our page, but from users who come from other pages or who happened on ours by pure chance.
To block these random users from PC just press on the three dots next to the annoying comment that appeared in one of the page contents, select Hide comment and then press the key Block which will appear in place of the key I like it.
Random bans

By following this procedure, the user will be blocked and his comment obscured from the page, without the possibility of appeal.

We can also carry out the same procedure from mobile: all we have to do is open the Facebook app, press the menu with the three lines at the top right, select the page we manage, scroll to the offensive or unwelcome comment, press and hold on it and finally press on Delete comment and block .
Mobile ban

A confirmation window will appear, where just click on Block and delete to proceed with the annoying user ban.

How to unblock a previously banned user

Did we block a user by mistake or do we want to believe that he regretted his actions? In this case we can "unban" the blocked users with the methods seen above by taking you to the section Your pages, clicking on the page you manage, opening the entry Settings and finally bringing us to the menu People and other pages; from the previously used drop-down menu we will find a new session called Blocked people and pages, where we will find all users and any pages to which we have applied the ban.
Remove ban

Check the box next to the name of the user to be unlocked, press the gear at the top right and finally select the item Unlock from Page.
The user can again comment, like or follow the page like all other users.


Annoying users weren't appreciated on old forums, let alone new communication channels like Facebook groups! If we are administrators or managers of a page and we immediately notice some problems with one or more users, we do not waste any more time and block any offense or annoyance in the bud by banning them mercilessly.

If instead of pages we manage groups on Facebook and we want to learn how to use them better (also to exchange files), just read our guides on How to create groups on Facebook is Share files in Facebook groups.
If, on the other hand, we notice that we are subscribed to many groups or pages that no longer interest us, we can unsubscribe as seen in our guide Leave Facebook Groups and Pages together at once.


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