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Using the functions for live video We can create a real online tv broadcast, where anyone, without spending a penny and only equipped with a computer, webcam, and microphone, can open a TV channel via the web and also become famous, especially if we start from a base of users and followers who already follow our social channels.In the following guide, we will show you how simple it is to broadcast Live Videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and thus create your own web series, your own vlog, or your own free TV channel, broadcasting directly on the most famous social networks.
In the following guide, we will show you how to start a live TV from PC and smartphone for the main social networks, namely YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and thus create your own web series, your vlog, or your own TV channel for free, broadcasting directly on the most popular social networks. famous. Once we have learned how to start a live broadcast, we can also create a channel or page dedicated only to live broadcasts and broadcast only live videos.

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How to broadcast live on YouTube

To broadcast a video live on YouTube from PC, open the official page of the social network, log in at the top right with an account (Google, Gmail, or Android), press the icon at the top right Create, we select Broadcast Live and we follow the instructions to create a new channel (for example we can choose whether to use our name or a fictitious name). If requested we carry out verification with our telephone number and, once confirmed where necessary, we will see the new one appear YouTube Studio control room.
Live YouTube

In the first screen, we choose whether to transmit immediately or at a later time, we choose to use the webcam integrated with our notebook or connected to the PC, we provide permissions for access to the webcam and microphone (via browser), we choose a name for the transmission, the privacy of the public, the compatibility of the contents with children, if necessary we insert an age limit and immediately start broadcasting live!

In some cases it may take at least 24 hours before you can immediately start a live broadcast: it is, therefore, advisable to program the first broadcast, in the meantime becoming familiar with the YouTube Studio interface, which also allows you to view comments in real-time, share a window or the full screen of your PC and integrate other multimedia content.

If, on the other hand, we want to carry out the video transmission from YouTube on Android and on iPhone / iPad, all we have to do is open the app, press the + button at the bottom, select Broadcast live, provide the necessary permissions and start the direct with the front camera, so that we can broadcast wherever we are. The parameters to be configured are the same as for YouTube Studio on PC, but from a smartphone, it is much more immediate and faster.

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How to broadcast live on Facebook

To broadcast live from Facebook on PC, open the official website on any modern browser (Google Chrome is fine too), log in with the account in our possession and, on the home screen, immediately press the button Live video, present under the section reserved for sharing posts.
Live Facebook

After having granted the permissions for access to the webcam and the microphone we will have a real recording “studio”, where you can choose the name of the live broadcast, the source, where to allocate the publication (in the personal diary or on one of the pages that we manage) and whether to participate in live streaming together with other people. In the various screens, it is also possible to check the progress of the streaming, manage the comments that will arrive Live, add questions or polls and adjust the privacy settings for users who want to view the stream.

On smartphones and tablets, it is just as simple to broadcast live on Facebook: we open the app (available for Android and iPhone / iPad), enter the access credentials of our account, press on Live, we give the permissions for the camera and for the microphone and finally press on Start live video.

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How to broadcast live on Instagram

If, on the other hand, we want to become great influencers on Instagram, we can start by shooting many live streams directly from the app (downloadable from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store); once the app is open, swipe left to open the camera, scroll through the items at the bottom (under the shutter button) until you find the item Live.
Live Instagram

By doing so we can immediately start the live video, to be transmitted as a simple post or as Stories. Obviously, we will have much fewer settings than the social networks seen previously, but we can still create fun videos that are able to attract audiences by adding tags, effects, and cinematic filters.

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Many users say that the TV of the future will be based on videos made on social networks: perhaps this is true and we probably don’t even have to wait for the future, since on the social networks seen in this guide it is already possible to find many funny videos and interesting direct videos, able to channel the attention of young and very young people. So let’s learn how to broadcast Live Videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram so that we can carve out our space in the new television.

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