All the ways to buy online games or apps without using a credit card.

Buy without paper
Nowadays it is sufficient to have a credit card or a prepaid card (such as Postepay) to be able to buy on the Internet in complete safety, even on the most famous gaming platforms such as Steam, Uplay, Google Play Store, Apple Store and the like…
But if we don’t have a credit card or are still too young to have one, what can we invent to buy games online without problems and with the same security as with cards?
In this guide, we meet all the kids who approach the world of online gaming without any credit card, showing you in detail all the methods to buy online games without a credit card.READ ALSO: How to make untraceable or anonymous payments

How to buy games without a credit card

All the services that we will show you below can be used safely to buy online games on all major gaming platforms, even if we will focus on the Steam platform, which is the most widespread and easiest to use even if we do not have a card. of credit.
Even if the methods that we will indicate to you are safe even for minors, make sure to always ask for parental permission before buying anything, especially if we leave the house with the task of buying recharge vouchers to use for online games.

Buying games on Steam without a credit card

The easiest way to buy games without a credit card is to use Steam-compatible gift cards, available at many electronics stores and malls.
Once we have obtained the voucher, we open the web browser on our computer, open the redemption page for Steam gift cards, log in with our Steam account, scratch the code on the back of the voucher and enter it in the field shown on the page.
Steam voucher

Once the code has been entered, press Continue and observe the balance of the Steam account, present in the right part of the window.
As soon as the requested sum is loaded, we will be able to purchase the games on Steam even without inserting the credit card, using the Steam balance during the purchase confirmation phase (which obviously must be equal to or less than the amount to be spent).

If we want to get a gift card from an adult or an adult friend, we can show him the Steam digital gift card page, where he can buy with one of his payment methods and indicate our nickname or email address used on Steam to associate the sum to our account, so that we can buy games without a credit card.
Digital coupons

Alternatively, our friend, parent or relative can proceed with the purchase of the game on his Steam account and, during the payment phase, press the button Purchase as a gift.
Steam gift

To proceed, our relative or friend must indicate the email address or nickname of our Steam account and purchase the game with PayPal or other supported payment systems; a few seconds after purchase we will receive an email from Steam and we will be able to choose to accept the gift and add the game to our Steam library, even if we personally do not have any credit or prepaid cards.
To learn more, we invite you to read our Steam Guide: How to Download Games on PC.

Buy games on the Google Play Store or Apple Store without a credit card

If we usually play on smartphones or tablets, our favorite games will be available in the Google Play Store (on Android devices) and on the Apple Store (on iPhone and iPad). While there are many free games available, they feature numerous in-app purchases that can make all the difference as you progress through the levels or to win a tournament.
If we don’t have a credit card to appear on smartphone and tablet stores, we can quickly fix it by purchasing Google gift cards or Apple gift cards in electronics stores or large commercial chains.
Google Play

Once the gift card has been obtained, we can add its balance to our Google or Apple account, following the procedures described below:

  • For Google Play Store: open the Google Play Store app, press the button with the three lines at the top right, press the menu Payment methods, then on Use code and enter the code obtained from the gift card.
  • For Apple Store: open the Apple Store on our iPhone or iPad, press the Apple account icon at the top right, press on Use gift card or promotional code and enter the code obtained from the gift card.

Our personal account balance will be updated and we will be able to purchase paid games or in-app purchases. To find out if our game is free or not, let’s read our guide How to understand if an app is free or paid for.

Use Paysafecard to buy games

A good alternative to buying online games without a credit card is to purchase a Paysafecard prepaid card, which we can use to top up your balance on Steam, Google Play Store, Apple Store, and other stores where you can buy new games.

Also, in this case, we can buy both the prepaid card and ask for the code at the tobacconist of SISAL agreement; once we have the code we can use it as a payment method on the Google Play Store or buy games on Steam, indicating the platform mentioned so far during the purchase phase.

Once you have entered Paysafecard as a payment method, we use the PIN of the SISAL card or receipt to proceed with the purchase of the game without a credit card.


Even without a credit card or prepaid card, we can still buy games online or request in-app purchases, even if we are still minors (always ask your parents for permission before buying anything!).
If, on the other hand, we are “old-fashioned” people and love cash, we can still play online by buying gift cards and reloading gaming accounts, so as to convert our cash into digital currency to buy any game.

If we are looking for other ways to pay securely online, we invite you to read our guide Safer online payment systems for shopping.
If, on the other hand, we feel ready to get at least one prepaid card for online purchases (including games), we recommend that you choose from the cards we have seen in our guide to Best prepaid cards to buy online without risk.

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