How to buy on Amazon without a credit card

Amazon without paperAmazon is undoubtedly one of the best sites to buy all kinds of products, from console and PC games to new smartphones and home products. Even if by now e-commerce online has taken hold also in Italy, overcoming the mentality of having to buy all things with cash, many people do not trust to give their credit card details or even worse the ATM card to a service like Amazon, even if equipped with all modern security systems to avoid fraud or unwanted purchases.

If we belong to this category of people, we give you good news: we can still buy any product on Amazon without a credit card, but using one of the alternative methods with which it is possible to have a virtual balance or a direct link with the bank, so as to always be able to keep costs under control and avoid the most complex scams (very rare but always possible).

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How to pay on Amazon without a credit card

On Amazon, the main payment method is to associate credit card data with our account, so that we can immediately buy anything. In addition to the credit card, we can use alternative payment methods, which involve entering the IBAN of the bank (or postal) current account or recharging the Amazon balance via gift vouchers or via Gift Card; if we really want to associate a card but keep control over spending we can always use a prepaid card, so as to avoid unauthorized expenses.

Use the IBAN of the current account

The most effective way to buy on Amazon without a credit card is without a doubt the WERE GOING, i.e. the code provided by the bank or the Italian Post Office for most of its products, so as to directly debit purchases as SEPA charges (which will appear on the bank or postal current account statement).

SEPA Amazon

To enter the IBAN of a current account we own, open the main page of Amazon, press at the top of login or on the name of our account, if necessary we log in with the Amazon account, press on the menu Your Payments, and scroll down the page until you find the button Add a checking account. In the screen that will appear, enter the name of the account holder (which must coincide with the name and surname of the Amazon account) and we insert the IBAN code, so as to provide Amazon with the information to be able to proceed with the activation of direct debit via the SEPA circuit. After the addition, we will have a new payment method at the time of purchase, directly among the options provided by Amazon itself in the cart.

Using Gift Cards

One of the methods for buying on Amazon without a credit card requires the use of Gift Cards, prepaid cards that can be purchased in any electronics store or large commercial chain such as Unieuro, MediaWord e Euronics.

Gift Card

Once you have purchased the card with the desired value (from € 10 upwards) we open our PC on the Amazon page for redeeming gift vouchers, scratch the silver part of the card to discover the secret code, insert this code on the page indicated, and finally press on Add to my account.

Add coupon

At the end of the addition, we will have an Amazon balance equal to the value of the Gift Card purchased and we will be able to proceed with the purchases. The spending limit is equal to the value of the added card or the total balance that we have reloaded (we can also reload several times); to find out the usable balance, simply open the Amazon balance verification page.

Use digital gift cards

If we don’t have time to go to a shopping mall or an electronics store, we can ask a relative or a dear friend to help us, who can give you a digital Amazon voucher.

Digital coupons

To follow this path it is sufficient to indicate the page at the top to the acquaintance who will do us the favor, choose the digital format of the gift certificate and enter our email address for the delivery of the voucher. As soon as we receive the digital voucher in our inbox, let’s go back to the Amazon page for redeeming gift vouchers and insert the code so that we can top up our account without a credit card. Of course, we will have to settle the bill with our acquaintance, who may very well accept cash as a form of payment. For completeness of information, we warn you that Gift Vouchers or Gift Cards have a duration of 10 years from redemption e cannot be used to purchase other Gift Vouchers, to activate or renew your Amazon Prime membership, or for unauthorized commercial purposes, including to facilitate the resale or shipment of products; for more information we can read the terms of use of Amazon Gift Vouchers.

Associate a prepaid credit card

If we want to avoid buying gift cards and asking people for favors, we can buy on Amazon without a credit card using a VISA or Mastercard prepaid card, such as Postepay Evolution.

Postepay Evolution

To activate it, go to any post office and explicitly ask for Postepay Evolution, so we also choose the balance with which to top it up. As soon as the card is in our hands, let’s add it to the Amazon account from the payment methods page, as if we were adding any card (we must enter the card code, expiry date, and the CVV security code, placed on the back of the card). Added the card we can proceed with online purchases: the spending limit will be equal to the amount of money stored on the Postepay (therefore we will not be able to spend higher sums since the card does not work with a negative balance). To find out about valid alternatives to Postepay Evolution, we invite you to read ours guide Best prepaid cards to buy online without risk.


To buy on Amazon it is not necessary to be a great IT expert or a master of digital payments! The simplest method for buying on Amazon without a credit card requires the use of the IBAN, but if we have never managed an online account or do not know how to use home banking on a PC or smartphone, we can proceed with purchases on Amazon Italia website using physical Gift Cards or digital gift cards (the best choice for those who really start from scratch), reaching the indicated pages and redeeming the codes relating to the amount to be spent or added to the account. If we are able to manage home banking but do not want to risk the money saved or put aside with so much effort (hackers are always around the corner), we can always use a prepaid card such as Postepay Evolution or one of the many alternatives available.

If we have never bought on the internet before, we can catch up big by reading our articles How to buy online safely and with guarantee e Sites to buy online and give gifts on the internet. If we want to pay with PayPal or with an Amazon bank account, we can read our guide How to pay on Amazon with Paypal or a current account.


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