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Making free calls without even having the phone at home is possible, also thanks to the widespread diffusion of chat services that can manage free calls and video calls, to decidedly good quality (especially if compared with the old analog calls that it was possible to make with the home phone). Internet calling technology has gone a long way and now allows, without even installing a program or an app, to make free calls directly from the browser, offering an additional possibility for all users who have limitations at the user account level or who prefer to call or video-call in the anonymous section of the browser without leaving any traces.
So let’s see together the free Web services able to make calls and/or video calls without installing anything on the computer, but acting only from the Web interface or from a free extension that can be integrated into the browser.READ ALSO: Call landline or mobile numbers from your computer (VOIP software)

Call for free from the browser

To make all the services we will mention work correctly, we recommend that you only use the Google Chrome browser; we do not want to diminish the other browsers, but from the tests made Google Chrome is the only one that guarantees the optimal functioning of all the services and compatibility with the mentioned extensions.

Skype Online

The best service to make free calls directly from the browser could only be Skype, with its Skype Online version.
Skype Online

Open the page of the service we press on Start the chat now, we log in with our Skype, Microsoft or Outlook account then, in the interface that will appear in front of us, we press on the chat of the contact we want to talk to and we press on the icon Call or Video call, located at the top right of the chat.ù
The quality of the calls is practically identical to that offered by the program for Windows and the app for mobile devices, thus showing itself as a valid replacement to use Skype on the computers on which we are guests or on which we do not want to leave traces.

Facebook Messenger

Another very convenient service to be able to call for free directly from the browser is Facebook Web Messenger, also accessible as a Web service.
Facebook Messenger

The operation is completely similar to the Messenger app that can be installed on a smartphone or tablet: once the site is open, log in with our Facebook account (if we have already logged in on the Facebook page, who will only ask to confirm your identity) and, in the site interface, choose the chat of the friend or relative to contact and press the icon on the top right Call (handset icon) or Video call (camera icon).
Calls managed through the website offer the same quality as the app, so we can use one or the other according to our needs.

Google Hangouts

One of the most interesting (perhaps the only) features of the old Google+ social network was Google Hangouts, which is now available as a Web App for Google Chrome.
Google Hangouts

By installing this Web App on our web browser we can make video calls to all Google contacts in our address book or synchronized with an Android smartphone, just log in with the Google account in the Web App, select the contact or group chat and press at the top right on the camera icon (Video call).
For a long time, this service has been the only real alternative to Skype also in the corporate sphere and, now that it is separated from Google+, we can use it to make simple calls and video-calls to our Google contacts.

Google Duo

If we love video calls and are looking for an easy way to make in the web browser, we recommend that you also try the service offered by Google Duo.
Google Duo

By logging in with the Google account in our possession and authorizing notifications in the browser we will be able to make high-quality video calls both to our Google contacts and to any contact that has a recent Android smartphone (from 7.0 onwards), without the need for the interlocutor to configure the Duo app: calls can, in fact, be managed directly by the operating system, so that we can quickly contact our friends or relatives who have an Android smartphone.

Signal Private Messenger

Among the lesser-known services that we can use to make free calls from the browser, we recommend Signal Private Messenger, available as a web app to add to Google Chrome.

In this case, the procedure to activate the service is slightly more laborious and requires the use of a smartphone. Once the web app is installed in the browser, we also install the Signal app on our smartphone (it is available for Android and for iPhone), we follow the activation procedure by entering our phone number (activation is identical to WhatsApp or Telegram) and, once the service is active, we go to the extension and enter our phone number there, so as to receive the authorization code from the smartphone.
Once the web app is connected we can make any call with our Signal contacts, simply by opening the chat of the contact to call, pressing on the three dots at the top right, and clicking on the item Who loves.


Online we can find many services that offer free VoIP calls but inevitably hide flaws or ask to pay a certain amount to make international calls; using the services we have listed above instead we can really make free calls directly from the browser without installing any program on our computer, really useful when we have a corporate PC blocked or with limited access.

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