How to cancel app subscription on Android and iPhone / iPad

Cancel subscription The Apple and Android stores not only offer free app downloads or simple one-click purchase of paid apps, but also allow you to manage apps available via monthly subscription (for one or more features) or pay for subscriptions for books, magazines and newspapers distributed through the same Store, so as to be able to pay simply and immediately with the payment circuits provided by the same companies (Apple Pay and Google Pay).
We have also taken advantage of this opportunity but now we do not know how to cancel a subscription made previously for an app, for a magazine or for a newspaper?
No fear: in this complete guide we will show you how to view and cancel all active subscriptions on the Android and iPhone stores, so as to save some money to spend only on one-time purchase apps or for books.

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How to cancel subscriptions from smartphones and tablets

Whatever the type of subscription subscribed, we will still have maximum control over its duration and deactivation: if the subscription is no longer useful or we want to allocate that money to something else, we can do it quickly with a few taps on the screen.
For the sake of completeness, we will show you how to deactivate subscriptions to apps and other multimedia content even from a PC, by accessing the account settings from a web browser.

How to cancel subscriptions on Android

To deactivate subscriptions to apps and other compatible services on an Android smartphone or tablet, open the Google Play Store app, press the icon with the three horizontal lines at the top left and go to the menu Subscriptions.
Google subscription

If we have active subscriptions, they will appear on this screen; as soon as we identify the subscription to be deactivated, let's press on it, then press on Cancel subscription and, in the confirmation screen, we indicate a valid reason (also generic as for example the high cost, technical problems etc.). Once the motivation is given, we click on Go on and finally we can remove the subscription by pressing the button Cancel subscription.

Some subscriptions will remain valid until their natural expiration date while other subscriptions will be immediately terminated: this behavior is at the discretion of the developer or company that provides the app or subscription service.

How to cancel subscriptions from iPhone and iPad

If we have an iPhone or an iPad we can interrupt the subscriptions by pressing on theApp Store, pressing on the image of our Apple account at the top right and then on the item Subscriptions.
Apple subscription

A new screen will open where all the active subscriptions on our account will be listed. Identified the one to be deactivated, press on its name and press on the item Cancel subscription at the bottom of the page and click on the button Confirmation in the box Confirm the cancellation. We will thus have quickly deactivated the subscription that is no longer necessary or unwanted.

Even on iOS and iPadOS the residual subscriptions will follow different fates based on the developer's choices: most of the canceled subscriptions the change will be instantaneous, while for some subscriptions we will be able to use the service until the natural expiry date.

How to cancel PC subscriptions

By accessing Google and Apple accounts from PC we will be able to manage subscriptions without disturbing the smartphone or tablet, so as to intervene on them while we work or while we use the computer for study.

To deactivate Android subscriptions from a computer, open the Google Play Store site, press the button at the top right Log in and enter the credentials of the Google account configured on Android. Once logged in, press on the left side on the item My subscriptions, so that you can access the summary window of active subscriptions.
Google Play site

The procedure is now very similar to that seen from mobile: click on the subscription to be deactivated, press on the item Manage and then on Cancel subscription, confirming where necessary. Alternatively, voice may also be available Suspend subscription, which allows you to put the subscription in "stand-by" for future payments but to be able to restore it at a later time (keeping the current subscription price, which is very useful for compatible streaming services).

To deactivate active subscriptions on Apple accounts we will have to install iTunes on our computer with Windows 10; once downloaded let's open it, press up on Account, then on the voice View my account and enter the credentials to access the Apple ID used on the iPhone or iPad.
ITunes app

In the new window that appears, scroll down to find the item Subscriptions, click next to Manage, then on the button Edit next to the subscription to be deactivated and confirm by pressing on the item Cancel subscription.


Managing the subscriptions on the Apple and Google stores is relatively simple, you just need to know the menus to open to be able to view and possibly deactivate the subscriptions that we no longer want to keep or pay for. In addition to the smartphone and tablet, we can also act from a PC with Windows 10, using the dedicated website (for Android subscriptions) or the iTunes application (in the case of Apple subscriptions).
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