How to cancel your Netflix subscription and delete your account

How to cancel a subscription with Netflix and how long you can continue to use it before it is deactivated

Cancel Netflix Even though Netflix offers a notable service you might want to terminate a Netflix subscription due to price increasebecause you are tired of sitting in front of the TV or because you prefer an alternative service (such as Disney+).

Whatever the reason, however, deleting your Netflix account is really very easy, no emails or registered letters are needed to be sent by post. The important thing is also to know how long you can still watch Netflix after canceling how to cancel only extra users (i.e. users who can use the Netflix account even if they do not belong to the same household).

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1) Cancel your Netflix subscription

To permanently deactivate a Netflix subscription you can follow this procedure from a PC or Mac, after making sure you have logged in to Netflix at least once from a compatible browser (Edge, Chrome or Safari).

  • Let’s open the site and we confirm the account in use; alternatively we access the account to be deactivated.
  • We press on the profile icon at the top right and select “Account” from the drop-down menu.
  • Once on the page Account we press the button Cancel subscription. Alternatively we can also click on this link to immediately start canceling your active subscription.

Whatever procedure is used, the deletion must be confirmed by pressing the button Confirm cancellation. If the button does not appear on your account page Cancel subscription or if it is not clickable, it means that we registered with Netflix through a third-party service (such as Sky) and that we can cancel the subscription by contacting the company with which we signed the contract.

Unsubscribe Netflix from Android and iPhone

In addition to PC and Mac, end your Netflix subscription also from the app for Android and iPhone smartphones, using the following procedure.

  • Let’s launch the Netflix app
  • We open the menu (on Android press the button with three lines at the bottom, on iPhone menu button at the top left)
  • Let’s look for the section Account.
  • In the section Subscription and billingscrolling down, we press on the button Cancel subscription.

After pressing it, simply confirm and proceed to deactivate Netflix.

2) What happens after you cancel your subscription

Canceling your Netflix subscription as seen is very easy, but it is also important to know what consequences it entails, especially to know when the subscription is deactivated.

In fact, as is also written on the page to deactivate the subscription, the cancellation is valid from the beginning of next month. This means that you will be able to continue watching Netflix after canceling itat least until the expiry of the period still valid.

Another very important thing to know is that with canceling your subscription does not automatically delete your account. In fact, you can reactivate your subscription at any time, within 10 months.

Only 10 months after cancellation will Netflix delete your account and all profiles and personalized preferences. This means it is possible too pause your subscription and temporarily stop paying it, perhaps during a month’s holiday or for other reasons.

If Netflix gift cards are used to pay for your subscription and there is an unused balance available, this will be available and reusable even after cancellation.

If you use your Apple account To pay for your Netflix subscription, open the App Store settings on your iPhone or iPad and then tap ID Apple > Abbonamenti > Netflix to disconnect and unsubscribe.

3) Delete a Netflix profile

The Netflix profile is different from the account: while the account is unique and is linked to the email address and billing information indicated during registration, the profile stores content preferences to see, the history of films or episodes seen. You can therefore create multiple profiles depending on the people who use the same Netflix account.

To delete a profilejust tap or click on the profile icon and choose the option Manage profiles. When the profile icons appear, press on the pencil icon above the one you want to edit and then delete it.

Once you delete a profile, your viewing history is also automatically deleted.
To delete only the viewing history of a Netflix profile you must instead open the account page and then, below My profilepress on Content viewing activities. Scroll down and press the key Hide everyone.

4) How to delete extra user

If we have activated a slot for an extra user on our profile but can no longer or no longer want to keep it, we can quickly remove it using the same menu we used to create the slot.

To proceed, all we have to do is open the page dedicated to Extra Userswe log in to our Netflix account, press on Annulla slot and finally up Cancel extra user slots. Alternatively we can always open the Netflix settings page and go there Extra users -> Manage extra users.

However, if we wanted to transfer the extra account to a new, separate Netflix account, it’s worth reading our article on how to transfer Netflix profile to a new account.


With the advice seen in this guide we will be able to unsubscribe Netflix from any device, continuing to use it until the last month or last paid period expires. If we were using an extra user we can either remove them (by account holders) or create a new one to be paid for separately (by extra account holders).

To learn more we can read the guide to Netflix tricks, secret features and settings to know.

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