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One of the first choices that the Windows system makes as soon as the installation starts is the keyboard layout, which must be adapted to the country we live in (since each country has a dedicated keyboard, which changes the position of many buttons) . If we have a foreign keyboard in our hands and the wrong layout (French, German or American) is started by mistake, we can always intervene from the Windows 11 settings and change the chosen keyboard.

In the guide that follows we will show you in detail how to change keyboard on windows 11so as to be able to immediately remedy errors in the layout and return to writing in a precise and consistent manner with respect to the keys pressed.

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Change keyboard layout Windows 11

To change the keyboard on the operating system Windows 11 let’s open the Start menu, let’s go to the Settingslet’s open the menu Date / time and languagewe press on the menu Typing then we press on Language and geographical areaso you can press on the three dots and on the voice Language options next to the name of the language installed on the system (usually Italian (Italy)but if we have installed other languages ​​we will have to repeat the next steps for them too).

Windows keyboard 11

In the window that opens, scroll down to find the list of layouts present, then delete the ones we don’t want to use (by pressing on the three dots next to the keyboard and clicking on Remove). If there is no keyboard in Italian or the keyboard changes by itself without notice, press on Add keyboardlet’s add the keyboard Italiano (QWERTY) and proceed by deleting any other foreign keyboards detected by Windows.

If we have installed other language packs in the system we can proceed quickly by deleting them directly, so as to have only the settings and layout related to the Italian keyboard. To proceed, let’s take the path Settings -> Date / time and language-> Language and regionpress on the three dots next to the “foreign” language pack and finally press on the item Remove.

Change Windows 10 keyboard layout

If we use Windows 10 as the operating system on our computer, the procedure for changing the keyboard is slightly different. If we find the keyboard wrong or that writes strange letters we open the Start menu at the bottom left, we open the app Settingslet’s get into the menu Date / time and language and press sideways on the menu Language.

Language menu

To change the keyboard in use, press on the item Keyboard at the top and, in the new window, we open the drop-down menu that will be shown, so that we can select the keyboard Italian (Italy) – Italian.

If the problem is related to the presence of multiple languages ​​installed in the system (perhaps because we have used a foreign license or because we are using an import PC) we can remove the superfluous languages ​​by taking us back to the path Settings -> Date / time and language -> Languagescrolling on the page and, after identifying the foreign languages, all we have to do is press on them and press on Remove to delete the language settings and any foreign layout present in one go.

If we only have the Italian language installed but a foreign keyboard is present, we can change the keyboard associated with Dante’s language by taking us on the path Settings -> Date / time and language -> Languagepressing down on the tongue Italian (Italy) and pressing the key Options.

Language options

Now all we have to do is press down on Add keyboardadd the Italian keyboard and then remove any other layout present, by pressing on the foreign keyboard and using the key Remove.


On Windows we can change the keyboard at any time, especially on computers that decide on their own to set foreign layouts (especially on imported PCs or after installing a foreign language). These options are hardly used by users, unless the keyboard “goes crazy” out of the blue and starts typing things that don’t match the keys pressed.

We remind you that, if there are multiple keyboard layouts installed on Windows, we will also see the icon appear at the bottom right of the system, so you can quickly change the layout or, in case of problems in writing, immediately realize its origin (i.e. the presence of too many different layouts).

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