How to change search engine on Android and iOS, it's very simple

In the United States the antitrust trial against Google every day more and more information is coming to light on the internal mechanisms and agreements stipulated. The reference also concerns other companies that have kept Google Search as the default search engine on some devices, websites and other platforms.

Exactly during the last hours the CEO Sundar Pichai he made it known that the company had proposed to Apple to pre-install the Search app on iPhones. At least for the moment, however, the Cupertino company would have responded negatively, even if there seem to already be agreements.

The agreement that the Aphabeat company has with Apple consisted of 18 billion dollars a year to see its search engine as the default. Everything was then renegotiated in 2016 with a figure that is not precisely known.

Users, however, are absolutely not bound to all this and are free to change their search engine, both on iOS what up Android. At the same time it must be noted that Google’s is probably the most complete of all and therefore many people do not need to change it.

How to change Google search engine on Android and iOS

For anyone who wants to change the default search engine on their iPhone, simply go to Settings and then up Safari. After have chosen Researchyou have to choose Search engine and Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Ecosia will also appear.

On Android the process is almost similar: just open the app Chrome and tap the icon in the top right corner. By choosing Settings and we will also arrive here at Search engine. Touching Google users will be directed to a menu that offers the exact same choices shown above for iPhone. I mean, isn’t it difficult? Now the choice is up to the users.


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