How to check iPhone warranty

IPhone warranty Even if the iPhone is sold as the most powerful smartphone available in the world, in fact it is an electronic device subject to wear and sudden failures, even a few days or months from the purchase. For this reason, the warranty exists and we can also apply it on new iPhones just purchased. But how do you verify the iPhone warranty on a used or refurbished device sold with a residual warranty? How can we protect our investment?
In this guide we will show you all the steps you need to take to be able verify correctly the residual guarantee of our iPhone, using special sites where you can check the serial of the Apple device and know if it is still covered by the warranty or we can repair it only at our expense.

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IPhone Warranty Check

In the following chapters we will find first of all how long the guarantee that Apple lasts and how to apply it on all iPhones sold as new, later we will find the steps to follow in order to check its validity directly from the smartphone or from PC, using some sites dedicated to the purpose .

How the Apple warranty works

Apple's warranty covers for 24 months, which is two years from the purchase of the product. But we must know the warranty conditions that the company applies: if the smartphone or any other Apple product breaks within the first 12 months, we can repair it under warranty at any Apple Store or Apple authorized dealer, regardless of whether it is the store where we purchased the device. In the following 12 months we will have to contact the seller who sold us the iPhone directly to exercise the warranty.
This means that if we have purchased an iPhone in an Apple Store we can go there in the next 2 years for problems related to the warranty; if instead we bought the iPhone in a shopping center or in an electronics store, in the first 12 months we can also go to any Apple Store, while in the following only at the shopping center and the electronics store that sold it.

The warranty covers all lack of conformity, which, as Apple itself says, make "unsuitable for the use for which products of the same type are usually used" or "does not comply with the seller's description in terms of quality or performance". If we dropped the smartphone on the ground or it got wet during the shower, it will hardly be repaired under warranty!

How to check the warranty from the iPhone

On the latest versions of the iOS operating system we can check the expiry date of a still valid warranty directly inside the phone; all we have to do is open the app Settings, bring us to the menu General -> Info and finally check the date next to the item Limited warranty.
IPhone menu

The date indicated refers to the expiration date of the first 12 months, those expected on all Apple devices for assistance in the Apple Stores. In the following 12 months, the Apple warranty will no longer be valid and we will have to take advantage of the seller's warranty (the one provided in Italy for each electronic device sold).

How to check the warranty from your PC

If we want to check a device used or sold as reconditioned with warranty, we can let us communicate the serial number of the iPhone even before purchasing it, indicating in which menu to go (Settings -> General -> Info -> Serial number) or by checking the product box (watch out for scams: try to check that it is the real phone box we decided to buy).
Once the serial number is obtained, we turn on the computer, start our favorite browser (both Chrome and Edge are fine) then go to the Apple page dedicated to Check your coverage of assistance and support.
Apple coverage

We enter the serial number in the text field offered in the center of the screen, then press Enter on the keyboard to be able to check.
A new screen will appear with our iPhone at the top and some useful information on the date of purchase and the warranty still in progress.
Guarantee validity

If we notice inconsistencies or yellow or blue dots appear, the warranty has probably expired and we can no longer repair it without paying a sum of money (which also varies depending on what needs to be replaced on the phone).

How to extend the Apple warranty

Do we want to extend the warranty offered by Apple in its Apple Stores beyond two years? In this case we will have to pay a subscription to the AppleCare + service.
AppleCare +

In addition to extending the duration of the warranty, it allows you to obtain two repairs from accidental damage, each at a cost of € 29 (damage to the display) or € 99 (damage of another type).
To be able to use AppleCare + we will have to proceed with the subscription within the first 12 months of Apple warranty.


Considering the price that an iPhone has reached, it is advisable to immediately check the validity of the warranty, both in the case of purchasing new products and in the event that we decide to purchase a used iPhone on eBay or Amazon.

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