How to check the history of voice commands recorded on Google

Google registrations Many of us already know that Google keeps historical data on everything we do through its apps and its search engine: the key with which Google earns and therefore manages to offer its services for free lies in its great profiling ability, which is actually active on every Google service we use.
What is not surprising is that voice searches made on the search engine are also recorded on audio files, together with the voice commands to be translated on Google Translate or the voice commands launched to the Google assistant (from Android phone and / or from Google Nest) .
In this guide we will show you how to check the voice recordings left on each Google service, so that you can decide whether to delete all or only part of it.

How to check Google voice history

All what we say verbally on an Android smartphone or in a Google service is registered in audio files, stored on Google servers; although this could make privacy fanatics turn up their noses, we can still listen to these files at any time and, if necessary, delete them. In fact we have full control of the recorded files even if we will never fully know how they are used by Google (in doubt, better delete them at regular intervals).

Check history of Google voice commands from PC

If we have carried out searches on the Google search engine using our voice (by pressing the microphone-shaped button next to the search bar), we can view all voice search recordings from a desktop or notebook computer by going to the page dedicated to the Google Task Manager, we log in with the Google account we want to check then press on the item Change setting, present just below the section Web and app activity is active.
PC searches

In the window that will open, make sure to tick the item Include voice and audio recordings, so that voice searches made on the Google search engine can also be displayed in the activity manager. Once the check is activated, press on Close and scroll down the page until you find the voice recordings made; by clicking on the button in the shape of three dots next to the recording we can quickly delete it, as well as all the recordings made in a specific day or period of time (by pressing the trash can icon immediately at the top right of each period).

Alternatively, we can delete all recordings by pressing on the right side Delete activity for and choosing the time period to be deleted (including the entry From the beginning, which erases everything Google has registered since we use the account).

In the same screen we will find the voice commands launched by the Google voice assistant or the Google Home Mini / Google Nest; all we have to do is filter them, listen to them and decide which ones to keep or which to delete (we will often find gods Transcription not available for audio files started by mistake or with too much background noise).

Check Google voice command history from Android

If we have an Android smartphone or tablet we can access the same screen seen in the previous chapter by opening the app Settingsby clicking on the menu Google and clicking on the item Manage your Google Account. In the new screen we press on Data and personalization and, in the section Activity management, we press on the voice Web and app activities.
Android searches

In the new window, make sure to tick the item Include voice and audio recordings, then press on Manage activities to check all the recordings stored in the Google account associated with our Android smartphone or tablet, with the possibility of deleting them individually or in groups (by clicking on the icon with the three dots at the top right and choosing Delete activity for).

Check Google voice command history from iPhone / iPad

If we often use Google services also on Apple products such as iPhone and iPad, we can manage and delete the history of voice commands by opening the Gmail app, tapping on the icon three horizontal lines, pressing on Settings, then on the name of our Google account (above) and finally on the item Manage your Google Account.
A screen similar to that seen on Android will open, where you just have to press on the menu Data and personalization and then on Web and app activities.
IOS searches

In the screen familiar to us, we place a check mark on the item Include voice and audio recordings then we press on the item Manage activities to check the voice recordings saved on your Google Account. Also in this case we can delete the single items that we find or delete blocks of recordings by pressing at the top right of the icon with the three dots and choosing Delete activity for.


Google offers full control of all the voice recordings that we make from the site, from the app or from the smartphone, so as to always let us choose what to delete and what to keep on the account (also to improve the response of voice commands).
In another guide we saw how to verify these data in Google Account online privacy control panel where you can also see the searches done on Youtube and the places we have been, registered by Google Maps on the smartphone, so as to keep under control every element useful to protect our privacy.

If we do not want to use the Google Voice Assistant and then disable the voice commands on our Android smartphone or tablet, we can do so by reading our article How to disable Ok Google and Narrator on Android.


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