Amazon TV Do we want to buy a new Smart TV for your living room or kitchen? The TV you own is no longer satisfactory or does it no longer read some video formats you use daily? Instead of going to the store or to a mall, you can buy the best TV at unbeatable prices directly on Amazon, thus benefiting from a great real product warranty and an unbeatable after-sales service.
We will guide you obviously to choose a TV suitable for our needs, so as to keep up with the times, without the need to have to change TVs after a few years (even if technological progress now advances so fast that really keeping pace requires constant updates! ). All you have to do is continue reading for choose the best Smart TV to buy and the tricks to be able to buy without fail on Amazon, avoiding rip-offs and above all to benefit from the guarantee on such an expensive product. At the end of the guide you will also find some TV models selected by us, so you can immediately buy the TV of our dreams.

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How to choose a TV on Amazon

First, let’s see together how Amazon has prepared its section reserved for televisions and smart TVs, by clicking on the dedicated page of the site.
Amazon TVs

In the foreground we will find the offers of the moment, so as to be able to take advantage of them immediately without applying any filter and without even deepening the search. If, on the other hand, we want to choose a TV tailor-made for us, let’s scroll down the page to find the advanced filtering system offered by Amazon.

By filling in the various fields we will be able to filter all the televisions for sale on the site, choosing for screen size, HD format, brand, price, average customer reviews and shipping methods. The various items can be adjusted as needed, but the only ones we recommend you always configure are HD format (selecting 1080p Full HD) is Shipping methods (always selecting Prime).
Prime Shipping

If we want higher video quality, we can also select 4K Ultra HD, although at the time of writing we do not have any TVs sold with Prime with this resolution (always better to check, as the market evolves quickly).

Because we decided to give priority to Prime products? Because these televisions will be shipped quickly, they will soon arrive at our house and, given that in most cases they will be sold by Amazon, in case of problems or difficulties it will be enough to contact the assistance to schedule a facilitated return, get the money back or planning the shipment of a replacement TV (up to 2 years from the date of purchase). Instead choosing a non Prime TV (ie sold and shipped by a third party seller), Amazon will have a limited responsibility on the purchase, and solving any problems will become much more difficult (it all depends on the availability of the seller).

For more details on Prime and returns, we advise you to read our guides on Costs and benefits of Amazon Prime; It should? is The Amazon guarantee reimburses the money spent within two years.

How to buy a TV on Amazon


After seeing how to choose a TV on Amazon, here we will show you how to proceed with the actual purchase. First of all, let’s open the presentation page of the chosen TV and let’s check that the writing is present Prime below the price.
Amazon Prime

The presence of this logo will ensure that the product is sold and shipped by Amazon, so we will have access to full warranty. If we wanted to save something on the chosen TV and we don’t mind the warranty issue, we click on the button New, present immediately below the price, so as to access all the offers for that particular model.
Amazon products

In this tab we will find all the prices at which the TV is sold, any additional shipping prices and other parameters to make the choice knowingly (such as seller feedback and expected delivery times). As already mentioned it is always advisable to focus on products with the logo, which benefit from the advantages of Prime; unfortunately these products will not always have the best price, so it will be up to us to choose whether to save something by focusing on a TV sold by a third-party vendor or spending the right amount anyway and buying directly from Amazon warehouses.

Whatever the choice, we can confirm the purchase by clicking on the button Add to Cart or up Buy now to speed up the practice. The rest of the screens is identical to any other product purchased from the site: we will have to confirm the shipping address, choose the payment methods to use, check guaranteed delivery date (another advantage of Prime) and confirm the purchase.

Features of a modern TV

Any TV you wish to buy on Amazon, read carefully the information sheet provided by Amazon, so as to be able to verify that the following features are present.

  1. DVB-T2 and HEVC: these two acronyms identify the technologies of the future for the reception of channels on the new generation of digital terrestrial (coming in 2022). By law these two features must be present on all televisions sold starting in 2017, so we carefully check the information sheet to find these items.
  2. Full HD or 4K resolution: as we have already mentioned we can accept as a minimum resolution the Full HD, ie 1920 x 1080 pixels; this resolution is good for any TV with a diagonal between 32 and 45 inches. If we want a TV with an even larger diagonal (49 inches or more), it’s better to focus on resolution right away 4K UHD, or 3840 x 2160 pixels, so that you can take advantage of the online services that offer this type of content (Netflix above all). The lower resolutions labeled as HD (720p or 1360 x 768 pixels) should be examined only on really small televisions (28 inches or less).
  3. HDR: this feature allows for more vivid and bright colors on compatible 4K contents. It is not a fundamental feature, but if it is present it certainly helps to make better use of 4K.
  4. LCD or OLED: the most widespread technology currently is LCD, with LED backlight (Edge or Backlit). An evolution of LCD LED technology involves the use of local dimming to improve the contrast and color of the panels used. OLED is the future and allows for unparalleled contrast and color, but the prices are obviously higher.
  5. Smart TV functionality: modern televisions offer a real operating system to manage the Smart component. In fact we will be able to install the apps and take advantage of the streaming services without having to use a Chromecast or a dedicated TV Box. Each manufacturer offers a different operating system for Smart TVs, the most famous being Tizen (Samsung), Firefox OS, Web OS (LG), Android TV and other proprietary operating systems. In choosing the Smart TV features, we need to check if all the apps we want to use are present: from this point of view, Samsung and LG offer maximum compatibility, with Android TV rapidly on the rise given the presence of the Play Store apps. His presence is very useful, but not as fundamental as is believed: we can always take a “smooth” TV (without Smart) and apply an Amazon Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick to replicate the Smart features spending little.
  6. Connectivity: the presence of Wifi connection is now essential in every Smart TV, since the router or modem is not always close enough to connect an Ethernet cable. All Smart TV WiFi models are compatible with 2.4 GHz wireless networks, while on an increasing number of TVs it is also possible to take advantage of 5 GHz wireless networks (faster and more efficient, even if with less coverage) . In any case the Ethernet port is inevitable, so that the TV can also be connected via cable as an alternative to wireless. Virtually all Smart TVs offer compatibility with Miracast (to transmit the display from a PC with Windows 10, smartphone and tablet), so you can transmit the screen of the smartphone and the tablet on the TV without cable.
  7. Ports: on all televisions there are now at least 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and a 3.5 mm audio output (audio jack) while for other types of ports (SCART, composite, optical and coaxial audio outputs) it all depends from the particular needs of each user.
  8. Audio / video compatibility: a modern Smart TV must read any recent audio and video format, including i MKV video files and the new HEVC codec (H.265), in addition to the classics H.264, MP4 and AVI. This information can usually be obtained from the instruction manual, which can also be found online and can therefore be consulted even before the purchase.
  9. DLNA: if you have a network device or a media server that transmits streaming content in your LAN, compatibility with the DLNA protocol for a correct visualization of all the contents. All TVs on the market support DLNA, but it is always better to make sure that this code is implemented with various names by the producers (AllShare etc.).
  10. Voice commands: with the arrival of the assistants Amazon and Google, more and more manufacturers integrate a microphone and a button in the remote control to call up the voice assistant, so as to be able to select channels, sources and apps with voice. It is not a key feature, but it is spectacular to use and allows you to turn the TV on and off even with Amazon Echo is Google Home.


Best Smart TVs to buy

After seeing the technical features that a new Smart TV must have, let’s see together the models on which to focus on Amazon, so that you can proceed quickly with the purchase without wasting time configuring filters. obviously all the TVs we will report to you are Prime, then sold and shipped from Amazon.


Excellent entry level Smart TV, with Natural Color Enhancer system, Quad Core processor, VIDAA U Smart TV menu, Crystal Clear Sound monitor, DVB-T2 / S2 HEVC Tuner and Wi-Fi connection.
We can view the product from here -> HISENSE H32BE5500 (€ 219).

Sharp Aquos TV LC- 40FI3222E

Sharp Aquos

Excellent inexpensive TV without Smart functionality, which features Full HD resolution, Harman Kardon Audio, DVB-T / T2 / C / S / S2 Tuner (MPEG4 + HEVC / H.265), 3 HDMI inputs

2 USB inputs for multimedia playback. To be able to exploit it properly, we recommend that you connect us Chromecasts or a Amazon Fire TV Stick.
We can view the product from here -> Sharp Aquos TV LC- 40FI3222E (€ 239).

TD Systems K50DLM8F

TD Systems

If we are looking for a cheap 50-inch TV, we can focus on the TD System, which has Full HD resolution, 3 HDMI inputs, VGA port, USB port for discs and recording and DVB-T2 support. Also in this case we recommend using a Chromecasts or a Amazon Fire TV Stick to integrate Smart features.
We can view the product from here -> TD Systems K50DLM8F (€ 269).

Samsung UE43NU7090UXZT

Among the best products that we can buy, the Samsung smart TV certainly stands out, which features Smart TV, 43 “4K Ultra HD screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, DVB-T2 digital support and HDR technology.
We can view the product from here -> Samsung UE43NU7090UXZT (329 €).

Samsung UE55NU7170

Samsung 50

Are we looking for a large and complete Smart TV? Focusing on this model we will have a 55 “4K UHD screen with HDR technology, DVB-T2 / C / S2 tuner, Wi-Fi connectivity and Tizen operating system.
We can view the product from here -> Samsung UE55NU7170 (€ 438).


By buying a new TV on Amazon we can save a lot of money and get a guarantee that is hard to obtain (or respectable!) In a store. If we choose accurately, our next television will have features in step with the times, without spending a fortune!

If you want to connect a home theater system to our new TV, we recommend reading our guide on How to connect TV speakers and audio systems to the Smart TV.
If instead we want to take advantage of the Smart TV component and connect our smartphone or tablet to it, we recommend reading our guide on Connect mobile or tablet to TV (Android, iPhone or iPad).

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