Is WhatsApp too slow or doesn’t open all chats properly? Let’s see how to recover performance by clearing the app cache from Android and iPhone

Cache WhatsApp

The apps installed on the phones accumulate data with each use, keeping them in a dedicated section of the internal memory called “cache”. WhatsApp is no exception to this rule: the popular messaging app quickly fills cache on Android and iPhone every time we open chats and groups, even without replying to anyone (just open the app to have an increase in busy cache).

In the following chapters we will show you how to clear whatsapp cache on android and iphone, using both the methods built into the operating systems and the methods provided by the WhatsApp app itself. For those who want to use an app we will show you how to use the built-in cleaners on Android phones and the best apps that can clear WhatsApp cache quickly.

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1) Clear WhatsApp Cache on Android

Cache Android

To immediately clear the WhatsApp cache on Android we can use the integrated tool within WhatsApp for space management. To proceed, open the WhatsApp app, press the three dots at the top right, press the menu Space and datawe select the menu Manage space and, in the new screen that will open, we can delete the heaviest and most useless elements, using the items present under the section Check and delete these items.

In addition to the method integrated in WhatsApp (which also cleans useless chat files) we can always clear cache from android settings, so as to immediately clean the useless files generated by the app; in this case we can proceed by opening the app Settingsby selecting the menu Appby pressing on App management (or similar names), by pressing on the name of the app WhatsAppby pressing the key Delete data down and selecting the item Empty the cache.

2) Clear WhatsApp cache on iPhone

WhatsApp iPhone

Even on the iPhone we can use two different methods to clear the WhatsApp cache. The first method (easier and recommended for everyone) is to open the app, press the menu at the bottom right Settingsselect the menu Space and datapress on Manage space and navigate through the chats that take up the most space, so as to recover space between useless files, files forwarded many times and funny videos (seen only once and left to occupy useless space).

If, on the other hand, we wanted to clear the entire WhatsApp cache, the only valid method involves uninstalling and reinstalling the app; before proceeding then let’s backup WhatsApp to iCloud and, only after the backup has been completed, open the app Settingslet’s go to the menu generalswe press on the item iPhone spacescroll down until we find the app by WhatsApp and, after clicking on it, we press on the button delete app.

After deleting the app, open the App Store again and download WhatsApp again; at the first start we also restore the previously saved backup, using our phone number and iCloud account.

3) Built-in cleaners to clear WhatsApp cache

Deep cleaning

On many modern Android phones (such as the Xiaomi) we find valid cleaners capable of clearing the cache of all apps, including that of WhatsApp; in many cases we also find a deep cleanerreally very useful if we need to recover space from the internal memory.

To open the Xiaomi cleaner we open the app Safetywe press on the menu Cleaner and, at the end of the system scan, press the Clean button to start cleaning the system and app cache.

After cleaning we can open the menu as well Deep cleaningexcellent for searching for the largest files stored on the system (in the section App data e Large files), delete the biggest WhatsApp chats and recover a lot of unnecessarily occupied space.

4) App to clear WhatsApp cache

Cleaning apps

If the methods built into the phones are not enough to clear the WhatsApp cache we can always rely on cleaning appschoosing only those optimized for the data and cache generated by WhatsApp during use.

The best whatsapp cache cleaner app on android And SD Maidcapable of detecting the cache of each app installed on your phone, deleting junk data, superfluous data and temporary files generated by WhatsApp and other apps.

The best alternative to SD Maid is CCleanerwhich we covered in the how-to guide use CCleaner for Android for free to clean up your phone.

If we own an iPhone not many apps are able to thoroughly clean the app cache (due to restrictions imposed by Apple); the best of its kind it is Clean Masteran excellent app that can detect duplicate photos, detect large videos and compress the photos and videos we care about so that they take up less space on the internal memory.


WhatsApp cache can become a serious problem if we have a phone with 128GB of space (or less) and we chat really a lot with friends. To avoid clogging up your phone, you should be familiar with the techniques for Clear WhatsApp cache on Android and iPhoneso as to be able to act autonomously at regular intervals (at least once a month) and keep the messaging app always fast and efficient.

To learn more, we can read our guides to app to clean android from useless and temporary files and about how erase data on iPhone and clean up memory.


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