How to connect the PC to the internet via smartphone using data sharing (hotspots) Android or iPhone

connect PC from mobile phone It will not be a fundamental need like electricity, but Wi-Fi is still an important need for many people and when it stops working, especially for those who work with computers, it could be a real problem. When the internet connection goes away at home, salvation can come from the smartphone thanks to its always active data connection present in every smartphone, both Android and iPhone. It is indeed possible connect the PC to the internet via the smartphone, which takes on the functions of a perfect portable emergency modem, both wirelessly and also via USB cable or with Bluetooth connection.

PC connection via Android smartphone

You can use the data connection sharing function (also called Tethering) in three ways: as a wifi hotpot or with a wireless bluetooth connection or with the USB cable.
We have seen in another article how to activate the Hotspot on Android to share Internet in Wifi, Bluetooth or USB.
In a nutshell, the option must be activated tethering / wifi hotspot which is located in Settings > Connections or Wireless and Networks or Network and internet (the name of the menu changes name depending on the phone used).
In the event that the hotspot switch is disabled, it may be necessary to disable the option of Data saving which on Samsung Galaxy is located below Connections> Data usage .
When the wifi hospot is activated, the smartphone creates a new wifi connection to which you can change the login name and password and which will be viewed by the PC as a normal wifi network.
As explained in the linked guide above, you can also share the data connection via Bluetooth which can be a good option if you want to save your phone battery and if your PC has a Bluetooth connection.
Connection via USB cable it is not recommended if you use a battery-powered handset, but recommended instead if the PC is powered by a power outlet (because the smartphone is charged). It only works to connect the Windows PC, not instead with the Mac.

PC connection via iPhone

If the iPhone has a 3G or 4G data connection, then you can share the data connection using the personal Hotspot option. Even the iPhone can be used as a router to connect the PC and other devices to the Internet either by creating a Wifi connection or even with Bluetooth or USB cable.
Even for how activate Hotspot on iPhone (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) we saw a detailed guide that we can summarize as follows:
Go to Settings of iOS, then tap on Personal hotspot to activate the switch e then create a new wifi network to which you can connect the computer.
If we have a Mac, you can use the Instant Hotspot function to access the Internet without typing the password (the only condition is that both on the Mac and on the iPhone the same Apple account is used). To do this, select the name of the iPhone in the wifi connection menu and then activate the option on the iPhone (under Settings> Personal hotspot) to allow access without a password.
On Windows PC, you can find the name of the iPhone in the list of wifi networks and then you must enter the password that can be displayed in the hotspot settings screen on the iPhone.
If you use hotpost via Bluetooth, you need to set up a bluetooth network connection on a PC. To do this, you have to go to the Mac System Preferences> Bluetooth where you can select the iPhone for connection. On Windows PC, on the other hand, you need to right-click the Bluetooth icon located near the clock on the taskbar, then press Add Device and follow the steps to create the connection and go online. If the connection already existed, by right-clicking on the bluetooth icon you will find the quick option to access the network.
Sharing via USB cable it should be immediate and only need to be authorized when requested. On Mac, go to System Preferences> Network and select iPhone USB. If it does not work, try clicking the gear icon and then press first to make the service inactive and then to make it active.

Set the connection to consumption on PC

An important option that must always be activated (unless you have an unlimited data connection or with very high limits) is that which serves to limit the download of automatic updates to the system or PC programs, which would consume too much traffic mobile phone data connection. It can therefore enable consumption connection in Windows 10: In case of connection via wifi hotspot, you must open Settings> Network and Internet> Wi-Fi, press the name of the mobile connection and activate "Set as connection to consumption".
If you use bluetooth data sharing, then go to Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and find the option of connection to consumption by scrolling down the screen on the right.

Finally, in case of problems connecting to the cellular wifi network, we can read the guide to set up an internet connection on Windows 10

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