How to connect Facebook profile to Instagram

You have opened a profile on Facebook and registered an account on Instagram and you would like your content, photos, video is stories published on Instagram you could share them directly with your friends as well on Facebook. But is it possible? Of course yes!

The first good news is that this is not just about sharing your content on Instagram on your private profile of Facebook, but also on the Facebook page that you manage.

And now it’s time to see how it’s done!

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How to: link from Instagram to Facebook profiles and/or company page

To set the automatic sharing of your photo, video is Instagram stories on your profile and/or company page Facebook, you must first start the app Instagram.

Once inside, go to your personal page by pressing the icon at the bottom right with your profile photo. Then click the icon with the three horizontal lines at the top right, that is the button Menu, and go to the item “Settings”, located at the bottom near the gear symbol. From the listed items click on “Account” and opt for the voice “Linked Accounts”. You will see the list of social networks that can be connected to Instagram: in this case, choose Facebook.

Now you just have to decide whether to connect Instagram to Facebook by logging in through the social app or by manually entering your profile data:

1. Instagram-Facebook connection via the Facebook app: to make the connection, select the item “Log in with the Facebook app” and the sequence “Open”> “Continue”.

2. Manual Instagram-Facebook connection: to make the connection press on “Sign in with phone number or email” and enter your login details a Facebook. Click “Login” is “Keep it going”.

The connection between the two social networks is ready and you just have to set the automatic sharing content; then go back to your profile Instagram via the icon Menu (the one with the three horizontal lines) at the top right, access the Settings, follow the sequence “Accounts> Connected Accounts> Facebook” and set ON to the item “Share your posts on Facebook”.

From here you can also decide to share your posts on the page as well as Facebook that you manage by simply ticking it and making sure you are administrators, but we’ll talk about that shortly. If you want to share yours too Stories to select ON also to the voice “Share your story on Facebook”.

If you don’t want to set up automatic content sharing Instagram up Facebook you can decide to share your posts directly during publication by checking the item “Facebook” in mode ON.

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The connection from Facebook to Instagram via the Facebook page

As mentioned, if you like to share your content on Instagram on your company page Facebook the person making the connection must be theAdministrator of the page itself and therefore knows the credentials of the account in question.

To verify that you are an administrator of the company page Facebook you need to access the app Facebook and select the icon Menu (the one with the three horizontal lines) at the top right and the name of the page you manage. Scroll the menu items to the right and then click on the item “…Other” top right, select the sequence: “Settings> Page roles” and verify that your name is under the heading “Administrator”.

In the same list of settings, you can find the item Instagram, to check that the link to Instagram is active or to activate it.

You can now connect your Facebook business page to Instagram following the procedure described above.

As for the management of the connection between a Facebook page and Instagram, it is also possible to open the Creator Studio site, log in with the Facebook account used to manage the page. In this case, however, the Instagram account must also be of a corporate nature.

How to disconnect the Facebook profile from the Instagram account

To disconnect your profile Facebook from the account Instagram the previous procedure must be repeated, that is:

  • log into Instagram and go to your profile;
  • Press the Menu icon at the top right;
  • select the sequence: “Settings> Accounts> Linked Accounts> Facebook”;
  • Press the button “Disconnect” at the bottom of the page and confirm your choice.

You can also disconnect the Instagram account from the Facebook app, by going to the page management account settings (as seen in the previous paragraph). Under Instagram, you can press the button to disconnect the Facebook page from your Instagram account.

Your accounts will be disconnected in minutes.


The connection between the profile Facebook and the account Instagram is undoubtedly a big one benefit for all those who want to create advertising campaigns for their company or simply make the Facebook page that they manage.

In this way, in fact, you can create different custom audiences coming from Instagram, which would otherwise be impossible.

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