You can connect a Windows PC to wifi (and the internet) without having to enter the password, just by pressing a button

Wi-Fi without password Basically, to connect a PC to the internet, select the Wi-Fi network from the appropriate menu and enter the password for accessing the wireless network to immediately start surfing.

If you use a complex password or if we do not remember the password used for that specific network, we can connect the PC to the Wi-Fi network with the Internet using WPSa special feature that does not require password entry. Most modern Wi-Fi modem routers support the WPS functionthe one that allows you to connect a device to a supported modem or router without entering the password, only that almost no one uses it.

Alternatively we can connect a phone to Wi-Fi using the QR Code generated by some models of phones, so as not to have to type any password but only to scan a code with the rear camera of the device.

In the guide that follows we will show you how to connect to Wi-Fi without password using both the WPS method and the QR Code methodso as to choose the best method based on the device in use or based on needs.

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Connect to Wi-Fi via WPS

To use WPS as a connection method we need to be sure that WPS is active; To check we access the configuration panel of the routerwe look for the WPS function in the settings of the Wi-Fi network and activate it.

After activation, we identify the WPS button on the modem or router we are using for the connection: usually the button is clearly visible, but on some modems it is provided as a Wi-Fi button or as a special button.
WPS button After pressing this button we will usually have 30 or 40 seconds before the function deactivates by itself, so it is better to act quickly.

Computer e Mac

To connect a PC con Windows 11 o Windows 10 press the network connection icon at the bottom right (near the desktop clock), expand the list of available Wi-Fi networks, identify the name of the network you want to connect to without a password, click on it and, do not as soon as the field where to enter the password appears, press the WPS button of the modem for establish automatic connection on Windowswithout having to enter the password.

WPS support has been removed on Mactherefore it is necessary to enter the password to access the Wi-Fi to connect to the chosen network.


In Android we can connect via WPS by taking us to the menu Settings> Wi-Fithen pressing the button with three dots on the screen where the Wi-Fi networks are listed and going to Advanced. In the advanced Wi-Fi options you can press on WPS push button and then press the WPS button on the router.

iPhone e iPad

Your iPhone and iPad connection via WPS cannot be used, so you will always need to enter the password to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

On Wi-Fi printers it is possible to use the appropriate WPS button (if present), so as to be able to establish the connection without having to go to the PC or without having to type the password manually. To proceed, press the WPS button on the printer, then press the WPS button on the modem or router to establish the automatic connection. If there is no WPS button on the printer, read the instruction manual of the model in use, so as to check if there is an alternative WPS procedure (via system entry or key combination).

Smart TV

On Smart TVs, the connection via WPS is very similar to that seen on a PC: first of all let’s go to the Wi-Fi menu of the TV, identify the dedicated WPS menu or press on the network to which we want to connect then press the WPS button on the modem or on the router to establish the Wi-Fi connection without having to manually enter the password.

Connect to Wi-Fi via QR Code

Another very simple method to connect to Wi-Fi without a password involves the use of the QR Code, a specific function of some Android devices (for example Xiaomi).

If we have an Android phone compatible with this connection method and already connected to the desired Wi-Fi network We can obtain a QR Code for quick connection to Wi-Fi opening the app Settingstaking us to the menu Wi-Fi and pressing on the network to which we are connected.
QR Code Wi-Fi The phone screen will automatically increase the brightness to the maximum and show the QR code for connection in the background; now all we have to do is take the phone or device that is not connected, open the integrated camera app and scan the QR code, so as to automatically obtain the network name and password to use for the connection.

To learn more we can read our guide on how share Wi-Fi passwords on Android and iPhone. If we have trouble reading QR codes on our phone we can also read our article at app to scan QR codes and barcodes.


The WPS function is really a great convenience to quickly connect the first devices to the new modem or router, but the advice is to use it as little as possible and to deactivate it as soon as possible: unfortunately the WPS is the victim of many network vulnerabilities, so in case you are in a very busy environment an experienced hacker can use WPS to access our network.

The connection method via QR code is very secure but is effective only for mobile devices equipped with a rear camera, capable of obtaining the information hidden within the three-dimensional code.

To learn more we can read our guides on how find the Wi-Fi password on PC, Mac, Android and iPhone and the best app to discover protected Wi-Fi passwords.


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